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Our History of Giving!

As a socially responsible organization, GoVets contributes proceeds to Veteran Non-Profit organizations of National Significance.  Despite recent pandemic-related challenges that have impacted the economy, our supply chains, and our own company, we have continued to stay true to our cause and mission in several ways over the past year. 

Our contributions have evolved from exclusively donating proceeds to non-profit causes such as the Warrior2Warrior, the National Veteran Small Business Coalition (NVSBC), Service-Disabled Veterans Medical Product Group (SDVMPG), and Eternal Endurance to donating company resources (office space, labor, volunteers during and outside of business hours) and launching The GoVets Giving Initiative to enable our ever-growing community of over 200,000+ customers to make an immediate, frictionless, and significant impact to the Veteran community for years to come!


What is The GoVets Giving Initiative?

One of our most exciting updates in years is the launch of The GoVets Giving Initiative - a true game-changer when it comes to enabling our customers and partners to show their support for the Veteran community.  GoVets Giving is an extension of and designed with the same concept behind the success of GoVets:

Eliminate Friction in Buying, Donating & Supporting!


How are Non-Profits Selected? 

New and existing GoVets customers will be able to search through hundreds of pre-vetted 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Veteran causes and know that their purchases and/or purchases from anyone in their referral network will directly result in a contribution being made by GoVets to their chosen Non-Profit cause.  Customers will be able to track GoVets Giving contributions to their Non-Profit cause and know that they're making a difference in the Veteran community in several ways:

  • Contributions for THEIR DIRECT PURCHASES on GoVets
  • Contributions for PURCHASES made by ANYONE in their referral network, even downstream referrals of referrals.


How are GoVets Giving Contributions Made?

The GoVets Giving Initiative, coupled with the new GoVets Medallion Program, will reward our customers and their chosen Non-Profits with virtually unlimited GoVets Cash Rewards, and ultimately allow anyone to participate in helping to support our growing Non-Profit Veteran Community.


Non-Profit Network Effect

Any Member of a Non-Profit or a Supporter of a Non-Profit, can refer hundreds or thousands of individuals, and their purchases, or purchases made by downstream referrals will result in Contributions Made to the original Non-Profit.  


The Power of Numbers

GoVets Giving and GoVets Medallion is driven by the power of your network.  As referrals and purchases increase, the percentage of Contributions made for every additional purchase on GoVets also increases for your chosen Non-Profit. 


Eliminate Fraudulent Donations

Rest assured that GoVets Giving Contributions made to Non-Profits will not be abused because they must go towards purchases on GoVets that benefit the Non-Profit’s Operations.  


When will The GoVets Giving Initiative be launched?

The GoVets Giving Initiatve will be launched in October, 2022!