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GoVets is passionate about offering our customers the latest technology updates on our platform.  This category is focused on communicating these enhancements to our customers on a regular basis so everyone is always aware of the evolving capabilities and value that GoVets offers.

  1. Start Saving Early with GoVets Memorial Day Savings!!!

    Start Saving Early with GoVets Memorial Day Savings!!!

    Take advantage of our short-term Memorial Day Promotion!    Between now and 6/1/2022, Registered customers can simply need to purchase anything up to $150 and use promo code MEMORIAL22 to cash-in on the savings! 



    10% OFF Orders $150 and under - when you use Promo Code MEMORIAL22.  (Offer Valid from 5/24/22 until 6/1/22)  This offer is available for Office, Industrial and IT Equipment and Supplies.  Cannot be combined with any other promotion - Limit of 1 use per customer.  Registered account required and Customer MUST be signed-in
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  2. GoVets Reaches 5K Reviews on TrustPilot with 4.8/5 Rating!

    GoVets Reaches 5K Reviews on TrustPilot with 4.8/5 Rating!

    We are proud to announce that we have just surpassed 5,000 Reviews on TrustPilot with an amazing rating of 4.8/5.  All reviews are qualified reviews of GoVets customers based on their experience with GoVets.  After an order is complete, customers receive a request to rate us on TrustPilot and provide some feedback about the product they purchased and their experience with GoVets.   We have treated this platform as a means to collect feedback (positive and negative) to help us understand what we're doing well, where we can improve and lessons learned going forward to further enhance our processes, platform, customer service and product offerings.  

    Over the years, this feedback has helped us make some difficult decisions to help us pivot GoVets in the right direction.  While we absolutely love the positive ratings, it's often the negative feedback that is a form of leading indicator or bellwether on areas that we need to address before they become

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  3. GoVets is the Government's One Stop Source for Infrastructure Spending

    GoVets - Veratics - VA-Verified SDVOSB

    Now that the Biden Administration has signed the historic $1 trillion "Build Back Better" infrastructure bill, this is a great opportunity for the Government to support U.S. business, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses and fulfill their set aside commitments to businesses, such as GoVets by shopping on GoVets - the Nation's Largest Veteran-Owned Online Store.  GoVets is a VA-Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned (SDVOSB) business, registered in and compliant with Section 889 of the NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT.  We now offer millions of products with 100% free freight and parcel

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  4. Why GoVets Matters!

    Why GoVets Matters

    Over recent years, the GoVets team has had the opportunity to interact with tens of thousands of customers from all over our country.  We have received so much feedback on what we do well and where we can improve.  Like many other online stores, we have had our share of challenges related to supply chain issues (yes.... primarily related to COVID-19), but these challenges also turned into opportunities for the company, allowed us to fully understand these supply chain challenges and allowed us to optimize our technology to provide the best possible stock availability updates from our suppliers for locations throughout the country.  While we have kept our commitment to offer millions of products to our customers, we have also refined our product line to eliminate suppliers and partners that were unable to meet our quality expectations when it comes to performance, technology, data quality, customer service and positive impact on U.S. business.  While our product

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  5. GoVets Latest Product Categories (October, 2021)

    Shop, Browse, Discover new Categories and Products on Govets

    Shop | Browse | Discover -

    GoVets has one of the largest product catalogs of any online store in the country.  We often get questions on catalog items and products by category, so we wanted to start summarizing all of our categories (at a high level for now) to let customers shop, browse and/or discover hundreds of categories of interest on GoVets.  

    The following list rolls up thousands of categories into a list that can easily be understood.  Please click on any category to view the available products.  We are always updating our categories and products and will be providing regular updates.  As you can see, GoVets offers millions of products and of course, everything includes free shipping to the 48 contiguous united states.   Check out our promotions for the latest updates. 

    Our most popular

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  6. GoVets in 30 seconds!

    Shop | Save | Support Veterans

    We wanted to share a quick 30-second overview of GoVets with our customers or anyone that wants "the elevator pitch" about GoVets.  

    Happy viewing!   If you like this, you may also like other videos, such as GoVets Overview and GoVets Tickets and Travel.  


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  7. How GoVets Handles Shipping in a Complex E-Commerce Environment?

    Shop GoVets - Largest Veteran-Owned Online Store in the United States

    Our systems have evolved and have become sophisticated to maintain our value proposition as we've expanded our suppliers and product offerings over the years.  Each partner / supplier has had their own unique system and interface that required our team to evolve to provide consistent pricing and continue to offer free shipping.  Our leadership, engineering and product management teams are continuously fine-tuning our tools, processes and support organization to ensure that we can maintain our simple approach while expanding our product offerings.  Our technology and approach have allowed us to hide these complex interfaces from our customers and give them a simple shopping experience.  

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  8. GoVets Shipping Partner - Refund-Retriever

    GoVets will begin showcasing specific partners and services to make our customers aware of benefits available to us that others can also take advantage of for their business or other needs.

    In this post, we will review Refund Retriever.  GoVets ships thousands of packages each month, and there are many cases where our carrier partners, FedEx or UPS, are not able to deliver their packages to the intended destination on time.  During normal times (except during COVID-19), they have service-level agreements that they must maintain, and if they do not deliver on time, parcel shipping fees are credited back to the account. This does not happen very often, otherwise, they would go out of business. However, there is a small percentage of orders that become non-compliant with their SLAs and this is where Refund Retriever comes in...

    Here's How

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  9. How can Business and Government customers request a Quote on GoVets?

    Get a Quote from GoVets

    Request Quote Summary

    GoVets offers our Business and Government customers the ability to Request a Quote for any products on GoVets.   

    If you would like to request a quote on GoVets, you can follow these simple steps and options below:

    • Sign In to your GoVets Account or Create an account
      • Make sure you select the appropriate type of account (Government or Enterprise).  Customers with Individual/Personal accounts are not able to submit Quote Requests at this time.
    • Search / Browse for any products on GoVets.
    • Select one of the following two options to submit your Quote request
    • On the product page, select the button
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  10. Government Purchasers: Why GoVets?

    Government Purchasers: Why GoVets?

    Government Purchasing Agents have many reasons to use GoVets.

    The following six reasons explain why Government Purchasing Agents should use GoVets for market research and purchasing.


    It is not easy to become a trusted supply source for the VA. Our team has worked with the VA to meet the VA's high standards. The VA announced last September that access is allowed to GoVets from within the VA, GoVets was built by a trusted team of security experts who have performed cyber threat detection and remediation work for the VA, and GoVets uses state-of-the art security processes and technology. GoVets is your secure, trusted supply source. Please click on the link above to shop securely today!
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