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This category includes blog posts related to The GoVets Giving Initiative, a creative and fun way for anyone to help their favorite Veteran Non-Profit Cause by simply shopping on GoVets or growing their Giving Community!  


GoVets Giving - You Shop | We Give


  1. October 2022 is Disability Employment Awareness Month

    Disability:IN - DOBE, V-DOBE, SDV-DOBE - Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise

    GoVets is a Disability:IN - Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise

    GoVets is a certified SDV-DOBE and has been a member of Disability:IN for several years.  We are proud of their accomplishments and are 100% in alignment with their vision to help people with Disability around the world.  Disability:IN's Vision and Shared Commitments are provided below.  Visit Disability:IN for more details!  

    Disability:IN - Vision

    An inclusive global economy where people with disabilities participate fully and meaningfully.

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  2. Introducing GoVets Giving! You Shop | We Give.

    GoVets Giving - You Shop | We Give!

    Our History of Giving!

    As a socially responsible organization, GoVets contributes proceeds to Veteran Non-Profit organizations of National Significance.  Despite recent pandemic-related challenges that have impacted the economy, our supply chains, and our own company, we have continued to stay true to our cause and mission in several ways over the past year. 

    Our contributions have evolved from exclusively donating proceeds to non-profit causes such as the Warrior2Warrior, the National Veteran Small Business Coalition (NVSBC), Service-Disabled Veterans Medical Product Group (SDVMPG), and Eternal Endurance to donating company resources (office space, labor, volunteers during and outside of business hours) and launching The GoVets Giving Initiative to enable our ever-growing community of over 200,000+ customers to make an immediate, frictionless, and significant

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  3. Making a Difference for our Community

    Support Veterans, Support Non-Profits, Support our Local Community.  100% American, Socially-Responsible Business.

    Making a Difference for GoVets Shoppers

    Over the past year, GoVets has had a positive impact on our Government customers, Enterprise customers and Patriotic Citizens by enabling our Online Store to become a viable source of supply during the pandemic.  As such, our technology platform, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) tools evolved to accommodate the constant changes, fluctuations, shortages, and various backorders for millions of products located in warehouses and manufacturing facilities throughout the country.  Given the inflationary nature of our business and our distributed supply sources, we are continuously updating our tools, technology, prices and product offerings based on real-time data and feedback we receive from our suppliers, shipping partners, and even our customers.  Over the past year, we made a strategic (and perhaps lucky) decision

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