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This category includes blog posts related to The GoVets Giving Initiative, a creative and fun way for anyone to help their favorite Veteran Non-Profit Cause by simply shopping on GoVets or growing their Giving Community!  


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  1. GoVets: Honoring Our Veterans on Veteran's Day

    GoVets: Honoring Our Veterans on Veteran's Day

    Join GoVets in honoring the bravery and dedication of our veterans this Veteran's Day. Learn about our commitment as a veteran-owned business to support and thank our heroes, highlighting the importance of their role in today's world.

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  2. Remembering Jimmy Buffett: A Legacy of Support for the Veteran Community

    Jimmy Buffett

    In this tribute to Jimmy Buffett, we delve into his legacy of compassion and support for the US veteran community. Discover his significant contributions, including monetary donations, benefit concerts, and partnerships with organizations like the Fisher House Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project. Join us in celebrating the positive impact he made through his music and philanthropy.

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  3. Top Reasons People Do Not Donate & How to Earn Their Trust

    Top Reasons People Do No Donate & How to Earn Their Trust

    There are so many reasons why people do not donate.  This blog explains some of these reasons:

    1. Lack of disposable income
    2. Prioritizing other expenses
    3. Lack of trust in charities
    4. Lack of knowledge about the cause
    5. Not having been personally affected by the cause
    6. Lack of tax incentives
    7. Being skeptical about the impact of donations
    8. Feeling overwhelmed by the number of requests for donations
    9. Feeling like they have already done enough
    10. Feeling like they have more pressing issues to worry about


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  4. Top 10 Reasons why customers choose

    Top 10 Reasons why customers choose govets

    Here are the top 10 reasons customer choose

    1. GoVets is dedicated to supporting veterans and military families by providing jobs and business opportunities.
    2. GoVets offers a wide range of products, including clothing, home goods, and outdoor gear.
    3. GoVets works with a network of veteran-owned and operated businesses to source and sell products.
    4. GoVets provides excellent customer service and support.
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  5. What are the benefits of buying products from a diversified small business?

    Make a difference today - Purchase products from Diversified Businesses

    Purchasing products from a diversified small business can provide several benefits, here are some of the top benefits:

    • Innovation
    • Quality products
    • Supporting local communities
    • Support for socially responsible and sustainable businesses
    • Competitive prices
    • Personalized customer service
    • Helping to build a more resilient economy
    • Meeting procurement requirements
    • Supporting small and diverse businesses
    • Building long-term relationships



    Small businesses often have more flexibility and fewer bureaucratic constraints than larger businesses, which can allow them to be more innovative and responsive to customer needs.

    Quality products:

    Small businesses often take pride in their products and services, and may be more likely to produce high-quality products and provide excellent customer service.

    Supporting local communities:

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