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Why Choose GoVets?

GoVets is a great resource for business and enterprise customers, including organizations that do business with the government and/or have supplier diversity goals.  As a VA-verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), GoVets helps our buyers make easy decisions - GoVets offers our business customers value in terms of business pricing, discounts, payment options, product selection, diversity, experience and qualifications.  Our company has been in business for 10 years (est. 01/2013) and we have extensive experience working with business customers of all sizes from sophisticated enterprises with rigorous supplier requirements to locally owned small businesses that are looking for the right product that can be shipped as quickly as possible to complete their project(s) on time and on budget.   


GoVets is BBB Accredited - Verified, Endorsed, Trusted SDVOSB (VETS)


Earning Your Trust Through Accreditations, Reviews, and Experience

Enterprises looking to satisfy their supplier diversity goals can benefit from using GoVets, the leading online store owned by veterans. We offer a wide range of products, including office supplies, furniture, electronics, and industrial supplies, which are available for purchase by various target customers such as government buyers, small to medium-sized businesses, academic institutions, patriotic consumers, and enterprises.

At GoVets, we are committed to social responsibility and donate a portion of each sale to veteran non-profit causes of national significance. This means that enterprises can also support these causes by shopping on GoVets. In addition, we offer TAA compliant products and "Made-in-USA" products that enterprises can shop for, ensuring that they can meet their procurement needs while also fulfilling their obligations to source products that meet specific standards.

As a trusted and accredited business, we are BBB-accredited, VA-Verified Serviced-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), a New York State SDVOB, a Florida VBE, and a Disability:IN SDV-DOBE. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in our certifications and verifications.

By shopping on GoVets, enterprises can not only meet their procurement needs but also fulfill their supplier diversity goals, support veteran non-profit causes of national significance, and purchase TAA compliant products and "Made-in-USA" products. Our excellent customer reviews, over 10 years of experience in the industry, best-of-breed technologies for security and customer service, 100% USA-based customer support, free shipping, and safe and secure PCI-DSS compliant checkout solutions demonstrate our dedication to earning our customers' trust and providing them with the best possible service and support.

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How Can GoVets Help our Business Customers?

GoVets is the Largest Veteran Owned online Super Store in the country.  Our experience, credentials, broad selection of products, payment options and customer support make it easy and cost-neutral for enterprises to achieve their supplier diversity goals and manage the risks associated with their supplier diversity obligations.

Support Your Communities

Realize the public relations and relationship-building benefits of robustly supporting the veteran, disadvantaged, and minority communities.

Satisfy Your Obligations

Proactively ensure that you are meeting the promises that you’ve made to the market and the federal government.

Manage Your Risks

Mitigate misperceptions in the marketplace around global delivery, enable early action for instances of non-compliance with obligations on Government programs.

Save Money

Many products available on GoVets may be less expensive than what you are paying today.  Furthermore, everything on GoVets includes 100% free shipping (freight or parcel) making your purchase decision much easier on an item by item basis.  GoVets also gives our customers quantity discounts, and we have the ability to provide even better pricing for custom quotes.  


Competitive Pricing, Discounts, Free Shipping and Tax Free Purchases for Qualified Businesses

Business customers have access to the best possible pricing on GoVets.  Simply register an account on GoVets, make sure to select Enterprise as your account type and you'll gain access to the following benefits:


Special Discounts up to 50% OFF MSRP on millions of Products and thousands of categories

Tax Exempt purchases are available upon submitting your tax-exempt certificate(s)

Volume (Quantity) Discounts are automatically applied to your cart

Special Business Discounts available on GoVets Products

100% Free Shipping (Parcel & Freight)

Fast, Easy and Secure Checkout

3+ Million Products - Find It on GoVets!

GoVets is the Largest Veteran-Owned Online Super Store in the USA where customers can shop 3+ million products across the following major categories: 

For additional research, Search across Millions of Products or Find specific categories on our Sitemap.

Product Availability and Transparency - Complete Your Project on Time!

GoVets provides the most up-to-date information available on millions of products, including:


Daily Product Updates (New Products, Discontinued / Out of Stock Products)

Product Lead Times (Expected Shipment Timelines)

Updated Images and Product Descriptions

Real-Time Stock Availability


Our sophisticated interfaces provide the best possible information to our customers to make sure expectations are clearly set for all parties.  We welcome our business customers to reach out for availability requests via Chat or Ticket Submission. Customers with larger order volumes have access to a VIP Line and a dedicated account manager.  


Payment Options and Quote Requests

We know that our business customers have different payment requirements.  Although the easiest (and preferred) mechanism for GoVets is to use our default Credit Card payment during Checkout, we do support several other Payment Options that are specific to our Enterprise Customers.  As shown on our Accepted Forms of Payment page, we can support the following options:  


Credit & Debit Cards

GoVets accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  


GoVets Net 30 Credit Line for Government Customers

Apply for GoVets Net 30 Credit Line and purchase items on GoVets up to your credit limit.  Once you are approved / authorized, GoVets will submit your Net 30 Terms invoices upon processing your order. 


Custom Payment Options

GoVets can work with your internal payment system to help you pay using your preferred organizational payment workflow that is uniquely available to Enterprise users when they are logged into GoVets.  We are integrated with systems such as the Tungsten NetworkTransceptaExostarPIEE, and other Enterprise Payment Systems.  We can also support Punch-out capabilities or expand our payment options to include other unique payment types, such as ACH, Check, PrePay, Internal Credits, etc.  We will work with you to meet your needs. 


Custom Quotes

Registered Enterprise Customers have the ability to submit request for quotes for any item listed on GoVets.  This powerful capability allows buyers to determine if GoVets can meet a certain volume discount or if we can provide the quantities requested by the Enterprise Buyer.  Upon submitting your quote request, you will receive a notification within 1 business day if the quote, along with your recommended prices and quantities have been approved.  One approved, you can sign in to your account to view your quote, and then purchase these items within your quote by adding them to your regular Shopping Cart and then going through the standard checkout process.  

Diversity, Qualifications and Experience

Our business customers can rest assured that they are dealing with a seasoned organization capable of handling their needs, acquisition requirements and expectations for the following reasons:


Our technology and automation supports millions of products and hundreds of thousands of customers. 

A portion of each sale on GoVets goes towards Non-Profit Veteran Causes of National Significance.

GoVets is owned/operated by Veratics, Inc - Located in Florida -  Founded in January, 2013

  • Disability:IN SDV-DOBEs - New York State SDVOB - FL VBE -  VA-Verified SDVOSB


We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with our business customers on all types of acquisitions, large or small.  Whether you need to purchase a $10 hard-to-find item or you need support as part of a multi-million dollar acquisition project, GoVets is your partner from start to end.  Each and every one of our customers are VIPs when shopping on GoVets.  We want to make sure you get this experience, so you can be a returning customer and share your experience!



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  • We love making our customers smile!
    5 star review cover photo

    We Love Making Customers Happy!


    GoVets receives 5-Star Reviews daily on trusted sites like Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, and Google my business. 


    GoVets is the only Veteran-Owned online store in the USA that offers millions of products with 100% free shipping on all items within the 48 contiguous States. We are thrilled to see our customers having great experiences shopping on our website while supporting veterans at the same time.

    5 star review

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    At GoVets

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  • Introducing GoVets Cash Rewards
    GoVets Cash Rewards Program - Earn GoVets Dollars for Shopping!

    What is GoVets Cash Rewards?

    GoVets Cash Rewards is an exciting program that GoVets launched on June 30th, 2022 to give our loyal customers additional opportunities to earn money (savings) towards future orders on GoVets.  This program essentially rewards our customers our very own currency called GoVets Dollars (GV$).  Every GoVets Dollar earned is worth $1 towards any purchase on GoVets.  There is no limit on how many GoVets Dollars that can be earned and we are always finding new and exciting opportunities for our customers to earn.  Here are just a few ways that you can start earning: 

    Make a Purchase on GoVets  →  1 GoVets Dollar for EVERY $100 spent in your order 

    Make a $1000 Purchase on GoVets  →  10 GoVets Dollar for EVERY $1000 spent in your order 

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  • How can Business and Government customers request a Quote on GoVets?
    Get a Custom Quote from GoVets

    Request Quote Summary

    GoVets offers our Business and Government customers the ability to Request a Quote for any product on GoVets.   

    If you would like to request a quote on GoVets, you can follow these simple steps and options below:

    • Sign In to your GoVets Account or Create an account
      • Make sure you select the appropriate type of account (Government or Enterprise).  Customers with Individual/Personal accounts are not able to submit Quote Requests at this time.
    • Search / Browse for any products on GoVets.
    • Select one of the following two options to submit your Quote request
    • On the product page, select the button "ADD TO QUOTE" as shown in the figure below and the item will
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  • GoVets offering Qualified Business and Government Customers New Net 30 Payment Terms.
    GoVets Net 30 payment terms

    Net30 Term - GoVets Payment Option


    At GoVets, one of our goals is to offer a very simply, intuitive interface that allows customers to easily understand what they are buying and for how much.  Since GoVets started, many of our larger business and government customers have been constantly asking about support Net30 terms as this payment method aligns with most of your corporate processes, policies and buying decisions.  Based on this growing need, we have rolled out a very streamlined process that allows our customers to quickly for Net30 terms and receive a credit line of up to $50,000 within as little as an hour.  Based on our partnership with one of the leading experts in net terms management, , we can now offer terms to all qualified customers.  Furthermore, there is no additional fee to get setup or to use this payment option.  Simply submit your application, submit relevant paperwork,

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