Meet Your Supplier Diversity Goals!

Who: Commercial companies that do business with Government and/or have supplier diversity goals.

Why: Meet your subcontracting obligations and supplier diversity goals with lower risk.

How: GoVets is an online superstore that makes it easy and cost-neutral for enterprises to achieve their supplier diversity goals and manage the risks associated with their supplier diversity obligations.


Satisfy Your Obligations



Proactively ensure that you are meeting the promises that you’ve made to the market and the federal government.



Support Your Communities



Realize the public relations and relationship-building benefits of robustly supporting the veteran, disadvantaged, and minority communities.



Manage Your Risks



Mitigate misperceptions in the marketplace around global delivery, enable early action for instances of non-compliance with obligations on Government programs.



Save Money



Deliver the benefits of a robust supplier diversity program to all of the companies across large commercial enterprises. Many products available on GoVets may be less expensive than what you are paying today.



Thank a Disabled Veteran for their Service!

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