GoVets Net 30 payment terms

Net30 Term - GoVets Payment Option


At GoVets, one of our goals is to offer a very simply, intuitive interface that allows customers to easily understand what they are buying and for how much.  Since GoVets started, many of our larger business and government customers have been constantly asking about support Net30 terms as this payment method aligns with most of your corporate processes, policies and buying decisions.  Based on this growing need, we have rolled out a very streamlined process that allows our customers to quickly for Net30 terms and receive a credit line of up to $50,000 within as little as an hour.  Based on our partnership with one of the leading experts in net terms management, , we can now offer terms to all qualified customers.  Furthermore, there is no additional fee to get setup or to use this payment option.  Simply submit your application, submit relevant paperwork, and receive an update in as little as an hour but no more than 1-2 business days. 


How does Net30 Terms work with GoVets?

  • GoVets offers Resolve as Net 30 payment option for your purchase
  • Customers can register with Resolve to get approved for payment terms
  • Once approved, customers can use Resolve to buy on terms with GoVets
  • Simply Shop on GoVets and use the "Purchase Order - Net30 Terms" payment option on the Checkout Page.
  • Customers will be issued an invoice with payment due within 30 days after purchase

Purchase Order - Net 30 Terms on GoVets

Why do customers like Resolve?

  • Customers can buy from GoVets now and pay later
  • Checking eligibility for financing with Resolve doesn't affect your credit score
  • Simple online application (less than 1 minute), same-day credit decision
  • No interest or fees for 30 days


How to Apply for Net30 Terms? 



What's Next with GoVets Payment Terms? 

Over the coming months, we will be expanding our Net Terms capabilities by offering a much larger credit line to our customers (up to $1,000,000).  We will also be expanding our payment options to include Net60 and Net90 payment terms.  We are evaluating the success of the current NET30/$50K program before expanding our options for our business and government customers.  Customers that are currently in our Net30 program with a successful payment history will be the first customers to be considered for our program enhancements.  


Apply for Net30 Terms on GoVets