GoVets Cash Rewards Program - Earn GoVets Dollars for Shopping!

What is GoVets Cash Rewards?

GoVets Cash Rewards is an exciting program that GoVets launched on June 30th, 2022 to give our loyal customers additional opportunities to earn money (savings) towards future orders on GoVets.  This program essentially rewards our customers our very own currency called GoVets Dollars (GV$).  Every GoVets Dollar earned is worth $1 towards any purchase on GoVets.  There is no limit on how many GoVets Dollars that can be earned and we are always finding new and exciting opportunities for our customers to earn.  Here are just a few ways that you can start earning: 

Make a Purchase on GoVets  →  1 GoVets Dollar for EVERY $100 spent in your order 

Make a $1000 Purchase on GoVets  →  10 GoVets Dollar for EVERY $1000 spent in your order 

Sign-up for our Newsletter  →  1 GoVets Dollar

Earn extra GoVets Dollars with new Promotions coming out each week!


If you have a great idea for earning GoVets Cash Rewards, please reach out - we'd love to hear from you and find fun and creative ways for our customers to Shop, Save, and Support Veterans!   

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Who can earn GoVets Cash Rewards

GoVets Cash Rewards can be earned by any of our GoVets customers.  Even guest customers have the opportunity to earn Cash Rewards that can be used towards future orders.  The only way to know your Rewards balance is to Register your GoVets Account and then navigate to the GoVets Cash Rewards section in your Account profile.  


Save while you spend with GoVets Cash!


Can I apply my GoVets Cash Rewards with all Payment Methods?

You can combine GoVets Cash Rewards with other forms of payment on GoVets, as shown on our Accepted Forms of Payment page.  You may also combine it while using Promotions (i.e. Promo Codes) or even Store Credit on GoVets.  If you have accumulated sufficient Cash Rewards, you may also pay for your entire order(s) using your GoVets Cash Rewards Balance.  This flexibility makes the GoVets Cash Rewards Program extremely easy to use and understand for all of our customers.


GoVets Cash Rewards + Credit Card Payment → Yes

GoVets Cash Rewards + Purchase Order (Net30 Payment) → Yes 

GoVets Cash Rewards + Store Credit → Yes

GoVets Cash Rewards + Promotion Codes → Yes


Make money while shopping with GoVets Cash Rewards!


When do my GoVets Dollars expire / When does GoVets Cash Rewards expire?

GoVets Cash Rewards offer our customers to save on future orders by taking advantage of promotions, and other opportunities to earn GoVets Dollars.  GoVets Dollars have various expiration timelines based on the type of GoVets Dollars that the customer qualifies for.  Unless otherwise specified in the given GoVets Cash Rewards Promotion, the default expiration date for GoVets Cash Rewards is 30 days after the rewards were earned.  From time to time, there may be various promotions that will allow customers to earn Cash Rewards that extend beyond the standard 30-day expiration timeline or may even expire sooner than this timeframe.  

You can always check on your balance by logging into your GoVets Account and clicking on the Rewards section within your Account.  This section will provide details information about the Rewards Earned over time, Rewards Used, Remaining Rewards and expirations.  

If you would like to take full advantage of these rewards, we recommend that you opt-in to receive email communication updates about your Cash Rewards Balance and upcoming expirations.  


When will GoVets Dollars appear in my Rewards Balance? 


GoVets Cash Rewards are updated in your Rewards balance based on the following criteria: 


Cash Rewards for Orders  GoVets Dollars are deposited in your Rewards account once your order has shipped and is complete.

Cash Rewards for Newsletter GoVets Dollars are deposited in your Rewards account once you have successfully signed-up for our newsletter.



Can I apply my Rewards to previous orders?

No - It is not possible to apply rewards towards previous orders.   If you already made a purchase on GoVets, we will not be able to apply rewards as credit towards your existing order.


Shop, Save, Earn Rewards, Support Veterans with GoVets Cash Rewards.  Shop Today.