How can Purchase and/or Use My GoVets Store Credit?

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How can I purchase Store Credit on GoVets?

Store Credit - GoVets allows customers to purchase store credit using one of the following payment options: CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD, ACH, CHECK, WIRE, PAYPAL, or VENMO.  Customers must fill out our Store Credit Request and then apply this credit towards future orders on GoVets.   Store Credit never expires.  GoVets customers also receive a bonus Store Credit amount of 2.5% when transferring funds to their Store Credit account.  Example - Transfer $1,000 via ACH and your Store Credit Balance becomes $1,025. 

  1. If you're purchasing Store Credit with Credit or Debit card, purchase the Store Credit Units on the Store Credit Purchase Page.
  2. Add the amount of Store Credit you would like
    1. Each Item in your order represents $1 of Store Credit. 
    2. If you would like to add $150 of Store Credit to your account, update your Quantity to 150.   
  3. Checkout on GoVets and pay using your Credit Card or other forms of payment on the Checkout page.
  4. The GoVets team will update your account to reflect the purchased Store Credit amount within 1 Business or contact our Support Team for faster service.  
  5. When you want to use your Store Credit, your remaining balance will appear on the Checkout page or in your Account on GoVets.
  6. If you would like to purchase Store Credit using other options (ACH, Check Wire, PayPal, etc), please go to this Store Credit Request page and select the desired payment option.


Why Purchase GoVets Store Credit?

  • GoVets Store Credit never expires.
  • Purchase Store Credit with Pre-Paid Credit Cards that will soon expire.
  • Customers can use GoVets Store credit with other forms of payment.
  • GoVets Store Credit can be gifted to other GoVets customers.
  • GoVets Store Credit is as good as Cash on GoVets.
  • Receive an instant 2.5% bonus in Store Credit with every purchase.


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