What is the difference between GoVets Cash Rewards and GoVets Store Credit?

301 views  June 23, 2022

GoVets Cash Rewards is a bonus that we offer our customers for various types of promotions and activities that will give customers opportunities to save on future orders on GoVets.  GoVets Cash Rewards have an expiration date that varies based on the type of promotion offered.

GoVets Store Credit is an alternative form of payment that will be updated in a customer's account for any of the following reasons:

  • Customer initiates a return for an existing order and opts to receive Store Credit instead of a Refund on their credit card.
  • Customer would prefer to pay for products via PayPal, Venmo, ACH/Wire, or similar. 


GoVets Store Credit and GoVets Cash Rewards can both be used in combination with other payment methods on the Checkout page.  

Customers can via their GoVets Store Credit Balance and their GoVets Cash Rewards balance in their GoVets Account.

GoVets Store Credit NEVER Expires - but GoVets Cash Rewards may expire in days, weeks, or months, based on the promotion.  


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