1. How can the Biden Administration's Infrastructure Plan Benefit Veteran Businesses?

    Veteran Resources

    Given the upcoming capital injection into our economy, there are tremendous opportunities for government buyers, business owners, hiring managers and more to help support Veterans and Veteran-Owned businesses.

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  2. How GoVets Handles Shipping in a Complex E-Commerce Environment?

    Shop GoVets - Largest Veteran-Owned Online Store in the United States

    Our systems have evolved and have become sophisticated to maintain our value proposition as we've expanded our suppliers and product offerings over the years.  Each partner / supplier has had their own unique system and interface that required our team to evolve to provide consistent pricing and continue to offer free shipping.  Our leadership, engineering and product management teams are continuously fine-tuning our tools, processes and support organization to ensure that we can maintain our simple approach while expanding our product offerings.  Our technology and approach have allowed us to hide these complex interfaces from our customers and give them a simple shopping experience.  

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