1. Happy Holidays from GoVets!

    Happy Holidays from the GoVets Teams!   We would love to think our staff, customers, partners, suppliers and everyone that has helped make 2021 an amazing year for GoVets!

    GoVets experienced tremendous growth on so many levels during this past year!  This growth, success and evolution of the GoVets platform, our customer support team, and our product offerings along with our broad network of government and enterprise customers across the country has created a diversified customer base that has continued to expand across all states, government agencies, government contractors and many of the Fortune 500 companies!   

    We have equally experienced extremely difficult times caused by supply chain shortages, delays and constraints across all industries.  Along the way, these challenges added stress to our systems and support staff as we dealt with an increased number of anxious, impatient and even angry customers

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  2. Top Selling Products (Week of 11/22/21 - 11/25/2021) - Black Friday - Cyber Weekend Deals

    GoVets Cyber Weekend Specials - Claim your Deal

    As we head into Black Friday and Cyber weekend, here is our weekly top-selling items for the week of November 25th, 2021.  These products get our stamp of approval due to their availability and ability to be delivered on time, given supply constraint issues that we have all experienced in the industry.   The industry is still experiencing tremendous shortages, long backorder timelines, and shipping constraints throughout the country.  We want to help our customers understand the high-quality products that seem to be the least impacted by these conditions.  With that said, anything can change from week-to-week (or by location throughout the country), so these observations are based on historical performance and do not guarantee future performance, although many of these products have been consistent as you can see in our weekly top-selling blog posts.  

    Top areas that we are seeing this week have been in

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  3. GoVets Reaches 5K Reviews on TrustPilot with 4.8/5 Rating!

    GoVets Reaches 5K Reviews on TrustPilot with 4.8/5 Rating!

    We are proud to announce that we have just surpassed 5,000 Reviews on TrustPilot with an amazing rating of 4.8/5.  All reviews are qualified reviews of GoVets customers based on their experience with GoVets.  After an order is complete, customers receive a request to rate us on TrustPilot and provide some feedback about the product they purchased and their experience with GoVets.   We have treated this platform as a means to collect feedback (positive and negative) to help us understand what we're doing well, where we can improve and lessons learned going forward to further enhance our processes, platform, customer service and product offerings.  

    Over the years, this feedback has helped us make some difficult decisions to help us pivot GoVets in the right direction.  While we absolutely love the positive ratings, it's often the negative feedback that is a form of leading indicator or bellwether on areas that we need to address before they become

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  4. Why GoVets Matters!

    Why GoVets Matters

    Over recent years, the GoVets team has had the opportunity to interact with tens of thousands of customers from all over our country.  We have received so much feedback on what we do well and where we can improve.  Like many other online stores, we have had our share of challenges related to supply chain issues (yes.... primarily related to COVID-19), but these challenges also turned into opportunities for the company, allowed us to fully understand these supply chain challenges and allowed us to optimize our technology to provide the best possible stock availability updates from our suppliers for locations throughout the country.  While we have kept our commitment to offer millions of products to our customers, we have also refined our product line to eliminate suppliers and partners that were unable to meet our quality expectations when it comes to performance, technology, data quality, customer service and positive impact on U.S. business.  While our product

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  5. Top Selling GoVets Products (Week of 10/12/2021)

    Shop Save Support Veterans - 100% Free Shipping - GoVets - The Nation's Largest Veteran Owned Online Store

    Welcome to this week's blog post on our top-selling items for the week of October 12th, 2021.  Trending categories this week include the following:  

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  6. What is GoVets?

    GoVets Overview

    Many of our Customers ask us several questions about GoVets so we decided to create a brief introductory video for our customers!  

    Check it out. 

    If you have any other questions, please check out our Frequently Asked questions (FAQs), or contact our support team.


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