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GoVets will begin showcasing specific partners and services to make our customers aware of benefits available to us that others can also take advantage of for their business or other needs.

In this post, we will review Refund Retriever.  GoVets ships thousands of packages each month, and there are many cases where our carrier partners, FedEx or UPS, are not able to deliver their packages to the intended destination on time.  During normal times (except during COVID-19), they have service-level agreements that they must maintain, and if they do not deliver on time, parcel shipping fees are credited back to the account. This does not happen very often, otherwise, they would go out of business. However, there is a small percentage of orders that become non-compliant with their SLAs and this is where Refund Retriever comes in...

Here's How Refund Retriever Works

1. Connect Your FedEx or UPS account

Sign up takes less than 5 minutes. Provide access to FedEx and/or UPS online billing. No monthly, setup or cancellation fees. The only charge is a percentage of savings.

2. Refund Retriever Monitors Your Packages

Refund Retriever monitors each FedEx and UPS package. You do nothing else, no changes to your operations. Refund Retriever works silently in the background auditing your shipping invoices to “sniff out” service failures such as late deliveries (GSR), billing errors, and much more!

3. Get Reports/Analytics

Once you create your account, you can get 24/7 access to your own personalized user interface. Refund Retriever provides detailed reports covering all aspects of your shipping activity, discount rates and provide you with intelligence to make smarter decisions about your shipping.

4. Refunds Credit Back To YOU

THE BEST PART… The FedEx and UPS refunds are credited directly to your carrier account. Their fee is a small percentage of the savings.  

Another benefit from working with Refund Retriever is that they did a rate analysis of our UPS and Fedex contracts and provided recommendations on how to negotiate and get better rates. 

Our recommendation is for GoVets partners and customers to sign-up for Refund Retriever. 

Overall, great service!  

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