Make a difference today - Purchase products from Diversified Businesses

Purchasing products from a diversified small business can provide several benefits, here are some of the top benefits:

  • Innovation
  • Quality products
  • Supporting local communities
  • Support for socially responsible and sustainable businesses
  • Competitive prices
  • Personalized customer service
  • Helping to build a more resilient economy
  • Meeting procurement requirements
  • Supporting small and diverse businesses
  • Building long-term relationships



Small businesses often have more flexibility and fewer bureaucratic constraints than larger businesses, which can allow them to be more innovative and responsive to customer needs.

Quality products:

Small businesses often take pride in their products and services, and may be more likely to produce high-quality products and provide excellent customer service.

Supporting local communities:

Small businesses are often based in local communities, and purchasing from them can help support the local economy and create jobs.

Support for socially responsible and sustainable businesses:

Diversified small businesses may be more likely to have socially responsible and sustainable practices, which can benefit the environment and society as a whole.

Competitive prices:

Small businesses often have lower overhead costs than larger businesses, which can allow them to offer competitive prices.

Personalized customer service:

Small businesses may be more likely to provide personalized customer service, which can make it easier for customers to communicate their needs and get the products or services they need.

Helping to build a more resilient economy:

Small businesses account for a significant portion of the economy and they are often the first to be impacted in an economic downturn. By supporting small businesses, you are helping to build a more resilient economy.

Meeting procurement requirements:

Small businesses are often overlooked by large corporations, by purchasing from small businesses, government agencies and large organizations can meet procurement requirements and help to promote small business growth.

Supporting small and diverse businesses:

Diversified small businesses are often owned by women, minorities, and veterans, and by purchasing from them, organizations can support diversity and promote equal opportunities.

Building long-term relationships:

Small businesses may be more likely to value long-term relationships with customers, which can make it easier for customers to establish trust and build a relationship with their suppliers.



Please note that the above benefits are general, and the specific benefits will vary depending on the small business and specific circumstances. It's always best to research the small business and consult with a professional before making any purchase decision.


Top 25 Reasons why Customers Choose

  1. GoVets is dedicated to supporting veterans and military families by providing jobs and business opportunities.
  2. GoVets offers a wide range of industrial, office, electronics, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, cleaning and other MRO products.
  3. GoVets works with a network of veteran-owned and operated businesses to source and sell products.
  4. GoVets provides excellent customer service and support.
  5. GoVets offers competitive prices on high-quality products.
  6. GoVets supports various veterans' organizations and causes.
  7. GoVets offers a rewards program for customers who shop regularly.
  8. GoVets provides a secure online shopping experience.
  9. GoVets offers fast and reliable shipping.
  10. Shopping at allows customers to support veterans and military families while purchasing great products.
  11. GoVets is a VA-verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
  12. GoVets is Disability:IN  SDV-DOBE 
  13. GoVets is a Certified NYS-SDVOB
  14. GoVets is a verified Florida Disabled Enterprise
  15. GoVets has been in Business for over 10 years.
  16. GoVets has 5000+ ratings on TrustPilot.  
  17. GoVets has 4.7/5 stars on TrustPilot and 4.3/5 stars on Google My Business
  18. GoVets sells over 1.2M Made-in-USA products
  19. GoVets sells over 2M TAA compliant products
  20. GoVets has 100% USA-based customer support
  21. GoVets offers 100% free shipping
  22. GoVets has already delivered products to MOST State and Federal Government Agencies
  23. GoVets has already delivered products to MOST Fortune 500 companies.
  24. GoVets has over 200,000 customers.
  25. GoVets has Phone, Chat, SMS, and Email Agents available during business hours.