1. What is GoVets?

    Many of our Customers ask us several questions about GoVets so we decided to create a brief introductory video for our customers!  

    Check it out. 

    If you have any other questions, please check out our Frequently Asked questions (FAQs), or contact our support team.


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  2. How can the Biden Administration's Infrastructure Plan Benefit Veteran Businesses?

    Given the upcoming capital injection into our economy, there are tremendous opportunities for government buyers, business owners, hiring managers and more to help support Veterans and Veteran-Owned businesses.

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  3. Where is GoVets Located?

    So... Where is GoVets located? 

    We often receive a very common question from our customers throughout the country... So we figured we would proudly discuss our amazing home!  

    GoVets is proud to be from the Space Coast of Florida... But what does Space Coast really mean?   

    The Space Coast is located in Brevard County.... Just east of Orlando, Florida.  According to Wikipedia, the Space Coast is a region in the U.S. state of Florida around the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. It is one of several "themed" coasts around Florida. All of NASA-launched crewed spaceflights

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  4. How GoVets Handles Shipping in a Complex E-Commerce Environment?

    Our systems have evolved and have become sophisticated to maintain our value proposition as we've expanded our suppliers and product offerings over the years.  Each partner / supplier has had their own unique system and interface that required our team to evolve to provide consistent pricing and continue to offer free shipping.  Our leadership, engineering and product management teams are continuously fine-tuning our tools, processes and support organization to ensure that we can maintain our simple approach while expanding our product offerings.  Our technology and approach have allowed us to hide these complex interfaces from our customers and give them a simple shopping experience.  

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  5. GoVets offering Qualified Business and Government Customers New Net 30 Payment Terms.

    Net30 Term - GoVets Payment Option


    At GoVets, one of our goals is to offer a very simply, intuitive interface that allows customers to easily understand what they are buying and for how much.  Since GoVets started, many of our larger business and government customers have been constantly asking about support Net30 terms as this payment method aligns with most of your corporate processes, policies and buying decisions.  Based on this growing need, we have rolled out a very streamlined process that allows our customers to quickly for Net30 terms and receive a credit line of up to $50,000 within as little as an hour.  Based on our partnership with one of the leading experts in net terms management, , we can now offer terms to all qualified customers.  Furthermore, there is no additional fee to get setup or to use this payment option.  Simply submit your application, submit relevant paperwork,

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  6. Looking Forward to 2021

    As 2020 comes to an end, the GoVets Team would love to thank all of our wonderful customers, partners and employees for all of their trust, feedback and commitment throughout the year.  

    So many of us and our loved ones have endured so much change and struggles during the year.  Just like many of you, we are looking forward to the opportunities that are ahead of us in 2021. 


    GoVets has many changes and additional growth plans for the coming year.  As you continue to shop on GoVets, be on the look-out for the following enhancements in the coming weeks and months: 

    • Additional Product Offerings beyond the Millions of Products that are already offered on GoVets.
    • Customer Loyalty & Rewards Program to Encourage our customers to keep coming back. 
    • Discounted Travel, Event Tickets & Entertainment Programs for our customers.
    • Expanded Partnerships with Veteran Non-Profit Organizations
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  7. Federal Buying Season is Here - GoVets is here to help!

    This is the time of year when fiscal government buyers are completing their end of year spending requirements.  September 30 marks the end of the federal government's 2020 fiscal year (FY) and GoVets has the ability to help Government buyers allocate their end of year money in the most valuable and effective way - GoVets offers our Government customers value and efficiency in terms of Government Pricing, Discounts, Payment Options, Product Selection, Diversity and Experience. 

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  8. Distributor's Value to the VA Supply Chain

    National Veteran Small Business Coalition Members wrote the following description of the value small distributors bring the Department of Veteran Affairs supply chain.

    The goal of a robust “supply chain” should be to manage the life cycle of product acquisition and logistics from requirements development thru to actual care giver or patient product usage.  In laymen’s terms delivering the right product at the right time, to the right location, at the right cost. As no one entity, government or business can do this by themselves, multiple layers or players are required. Also, a high-quality supply chain cannot be measured by cost alone.  This is especially true in the federal government marketplace as the myriad collection of rules, regulations and policies do not always lend themselves to an efficient, robust supply chain. Many manufacturers whose business is concentrated in the commercial sector of our economy frankly are reluctant to play in the feder

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  9. Welcome to the New GoVets

    GoVets has evolved based on your feedback. Thank you to our customers and partners for all of their wonderful feedback over the last two years!  We are continuing to turn your feedback into outcomes for a better shopping experience thanks to our amazing support staff, engineers and partners.

    The New GoVets has arrived!   Welcome to a better shopping experience on the Nation's Largest Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Online Super Store.  We have evolved, but have not changed the value we offer our customers. 

    Based on feedback from our customers, partners, suppliers and employees over the past two years, we have evolved our platform, offerings and services to provide a consistent and unique experience for all shoppers!  This past year has been tremendously successful and our customers love what we have to offer - This includes our millions of products across thousands of brands, free shipping, and our overall value proposition of supporting

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    COVID-19 Update - GoVets is focused on the health and safety of our staff

    Based on recent events surrounding COVID-19, GoVets is focused on the health and safety of our customer support team and based on regional regulations and social distancing requirements, this has resulted in extended response times and also extend timelines for our fulfillment team and suppliers to deliver some products listed on GoVets. Delivery timelines and response times may be longer than timelines listed on GoVets.

    We ask for your patience in this challenging time as our team works to deliver our vital services to customers throughout the United States, particularly to those like the elderly who are most vulnerable.

    As a result, we have several options to offer our customers looking to receive Sales Quotes, product lead times, order updates or other general questions about GoVets. You can review our Frequently Asked Questions on GoVets, login to your account for order updates, send

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