1. Welcome to the New GoVets

    GoVets has evolved based on your feedback. Thank you to our customers and partners for all of their wonderful feedback over the last two years!  We are continuing to turn your feedback into outcomes for a better shopping experience thanks to our amazing support staff, engineers and partners.

    The New GoVets has arrived!   Welcome to a better shopping experience on the Nation's Largest Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Online Super Store.  We have evolved, but have not changed the value we offer our customers. 

    Based on feedback from our customers, partners, suppliers and employees over the past two years, we have evolved our platform, offerings and services to provide a consistent and unique experience for all shoppers!  This past year has been tremendously successful and our customers love what we have to offer - This includes our millions of products across thousands of brands, free shipping, and our overall value proposition of supporting

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  2. GoVets Shipping Partner - Refund-Retriever

    GoVets will begin showcasing specific partners and services to make our customers aware of benefits available to us that others can also take advantage of for their business or other needs.

    In this post, we will review Refund Retriever.  GoVets ships thousands of packages each month, and there are many cases where our carrier partners, FedEx or UPS, are not able to deliver their packages to the intended destination on time.  During normal times (except during COVID-19), they have service-level agreements that they must maintain, and if they do not deliver on time, parcel shipping fees are credited back to the account. This does not happen very often, otherwise, they would go out of business. However, there is a small percentage of orders that become non-compliant with their SLAs and this is where Refund Retriever comes in...

    Here's How

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    COVID-19 Update - GoVets is focused on the health and safety of our staff

    Based on recent events surrounding COVID-19, GoVets is focused on the health and safety of our customer support team and based on regional regulations and social distancing requirements, this has resulted in extended response times and also extend timelines for our fulfillment team and suppliers to deliver some products listed on GoVets. Delivery timelines and response times may be longer than timelines listed on GoVets.

    We ask for your patience in this challenging time as our team works to deliver our vital services to customers throughout the United States, particularly to those like the elderly who are most vulnerable.

    As a result, we have several options to offer our customers looking to receive Sales Quotes, product lead times, order updates or other general questions about GoVets. You can review our Frequently Asked Questions on GoVets, login to your account for order updates, send

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  4. GoVets - Socially Responsible Patriotic Business

    GoVets was built from Day One to support Veteran Non-Profit causes of National significance

    How is GoVets a Socially Responsible Business?

    Socially Responsible Business (SRB) fosters Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within its community of vendors and partners.  A Socially Responsible Business's objectives includes creating positive changes and making valuable contributions to the stakeholders such as the local community, customers, and staff. 

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  5. GoVets offers more value than any other Online Store

    Save Money | Support Veterans & U.S. Small Businesses | Support Diversity & Inclusion | Keep Veterans Employed | Keep your payment in the U.S. Economy | U.S-based Customer Service

    At GoVets, we are confident that we offer Americans the best value available from any online store for the following reasons, and more: 

    GoVets Supported We offer millions of products and services across thousands of categories to satisfy most of your business, office or home needs. 

    GoVets Supported GoVets Prices are consistently cheaper than popular sites, such as  See our Blog on

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  6. Government Purchasers: Why GoVets?

    Government Purchasing Agents have many reasons to use GoVets.

    The following six reasons explain why Government Purchasing Agents should use GoVets for market research and purchasing.


    It is not easy to become a trusted supply source for the VA. Our team has worked with the VA to meet the VA's high standards. The VA announced last September that access is allowed to GoVets from within the VA, GoVets was built by a trusted team of security experts who have performed cyber threat detection and remediation work for the VA, and GoVets uses state-of-the art security processes and technology. GoVets is your secure, trusted supply source. Please click on the link above to shop securely today!
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  7. GoVets Achievements

    We have accomplished so much already! From Launch, to Congressional Testimony, to Over 7 Million Products in a year!

    As shown in the following figure, GoVets has achieved several major milestones since its launch in early 2018. 


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  8. GoVets vs. Amazon

    Amazon's Broad Stroke Approach to E-Commerce Creates Opportunities for GoVets to Thrive!

    This blog post was written to help our readers understand the differences between and  Amazon is an amazing company with very grandiose aspirations in all markets.  They are the global standard in e-commerce and understand what’s important to their customer base.  Their site is tailored to optimize the consumer's workflow to make purchases for almost any type of product available on the Internet.  Amazon’s platform has hundreds of millions of products across millions of vendors worldwide. 

    Amazon’s broad-stroke approach to e-commerce opens up opportunities for other online stores, such as to thrive.  GoVets caters to consumers and organizations that are price conscious, have custom buying workflows and have a social and patriotic awareness to help U.S. small businesses and thank veterans for their service.   At Go

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  9. NVSBC Announces Major GoVets Milestone Achieved

    We committed. We delivered.

    CENTREVILLE, Va. - Feb. 12, 2019 - The National Veteran Small Business Coalition (NVSBC) announced today that the GoVets online ordering platform has achieved a significant milestone of having 100 vendors and over a million products on the GoVets platform. GoVets is the only platform that brings 100% VA-Verified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses together to sell products and services to both government and commercial customers. GoVets focuses on providing a platform for purchasing agents to conduct market research to easily find SDVOSB businesses that meet their procurement needs.

    Scott Denniston, Director of NVSBC, said, "We promised we would have 100 Vendors and over a million products by Q1 2019, and we delivered. In fact, the GoVets platform has over 1.8 million products and is growing every day. Being the largest not
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  10. Peace of Mind

    GoVets Security Provides Peace of Mind

    GoVets ensures that Buyers can shop with peace of mind knowing they are protected by the latest technology and processes back by rigorous standards. We completely control the source code for the GoVets platform and we leverage our experience providing cyber threat detection and remediation services for the US Government to ensure the safety of all platform users. Below describes some of the measure taken so you can have peace of mind.
     Transport Layer Protocol Transport Layer Security - In our increasingly digitally connected world, the Transport Layer Security (TLS) network p
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