1. The Benefits of Ordering Products from GoVets

    The Benefits of Ordering Products on GoVets

    Online shopping has become an integral part of our lives, especially during the pandemic. It has revolutionized the way we buy products and services, making it easy, convenient, and time-saving. With the rise of online shopping, many e-commerce platforms have emerged, each offering different benefits and features to customers. GoVets is one such platform that has gained a reputation for providing a wide range of benefits to customers. In this essay, we will explore the benefits of ordering from GoVets, a leading online marketplace.

    GoVets is an online platform that specializes in providing products and services from small and veteran-owned businesses. The platform was founded in 2018 with the aim of helping small businesses and veterans succeed in the e-commerce industry. The platform provides a range of products, including office supplies, industrial equipment, cleaning supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE), among others.

    One of the key benefits of ordering

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  2. Presidents Day Sale

    presidents day

    Presidents Day SALE!


    At GoVets, we don't just see President's Day as just another holiday or day off.  We see President's Day as another reason to be a proud American and proud of our freedom.  Given the atrocities that are currently going on across the Atlantic Ocean, let's all take a moment to appreciate our country, all Presidents that have come and gone and how we've grown as a society.  Take advantage of this Presidents Day SALE when you order your much-needed items for your next big project. Join us in honoring our country's presidents this month. As a veteran-owned company, GoVets loves finding ways to give back to our loyal customers, and Presidents Day is no exception!


    Receive 10% off any item when you use promo code "PRESIDENTSDAY23" at checkout. This offer expires

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  3. Ten Year Aniversary

    The big ten


    Celebrating our Company's Ten Years of SUCCESS!


    GoVets has come a long way in the past 10 years. From selling millions of products to finding new ways to donate to your favorite beneficiaries, GoVets has enjoyed taking this journey with you, the customer. 


    As a huge thank you for your business, we are offering 10% off any item on our website. Just use promo code "THEBIGTEN" at checkout. 

    We've extended this offer through the entire month of February so you can use this promotion as much as you can. 

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  4. New Year Promotion Dec 2022-2023

    new years

    The New Year is just around the corner! Get the best possible Holiday deal, by claiming your 10% discount on GoVets with the following promo code "FRESHSTART23" (Valid from 12/27-1/3/23)


    GoVets offers millions of products and 100% free shipping - whether you're buying a $25 item or a 2500 LBS item that must be delivered via freight, shipping is free.  If you're shopping for Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Cleaning, Information Technology, Electronics, and/or MRO (maintenance-repair and operations), there's a good chance you can find it on GoVets.  Always make sure to check out our promotions. Finally, whether you're shopping on Amazon, eBay or elsewhere, always keep us in mind as we likely have the same or similar product for you at the right price. 

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  5. Holiday Sale Dec. 2022

    JINGLEBELLS22 promotion

    As the Holidays, Christmas and 2023 come knocking on our door, many deals and hot items continue to appear on GoVets. These products continue to get our stamp of approval due to their availability and ability to be delivered on time, given supply constraint issues that we have all experienced in the industry.   Get the best possible Holiday deal, by claiming your 10% discount on GoVets with the following Holiday Sale (Ends on 12/25/2022):  


    Background: We mention this statement in many of our blog posts, but it's important to indicate how the industry is still experiencing tremendous shortages, long backorder timelines, and shipping constraints throughout the country.  Our goal is to help our customers identify high-quality products of interest that are the least affected by these

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