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For any prime contractor working with the State of New York, meeting Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB) goals can often seem a daunting task. This burden might lead some contractors to explore waivers from the supplier diversity offices due to their inability to satisfy the SDVOB requirements. In this blog post, we delve into the top 10 reasons why prime contractors find themselves in this situation. We also present an innovative solution that negates the need for waivers – partnering with GoVets, a leading NYS SDVOB.  For more information, check out our dedicated New York State Prime Contractor Page to help Primes make the right decision.

Section 1: Why Do Prime Contractors Seek Waivers?

  1. Insufficient SDVOB Availability: Prime contractors may struggle to find sufficient SDVOBs within their supply chain, leading to waiver requests. SDVOB availability can vary based on the industry or specific products and services required.
  2. Competitive Pricing: Not all SDVOBs can offer competitive pricing, pushing prime contractors to look elsewhere to maintain project budget constraints, leading to non-fulfillment of their SDVOB goals.
  3. Capacity Limitations: Smaller SDVOBs may lack the capacity to handle large orders or high-volume projects, prompting prime contractors to resort to waivers.
  4. Geographical Barriers: Geographic location can sometimes pose a challenge, especially if local SDVOBs do not offer the needed goods or services.
  5. Quality Concerns: If SDVOBs cannot meet the required quality standards, prime contractors may apply for waivers to avoid compromising on quality.
  6. Limited Product Range: Prime contractors might face difficulties finding SDVOBs that offer the wide range of products they need, forcing them to work with non-SDVOBs.
  7. Logistics and Delivery Timelines: Timely delivery is critical for any project. Some SDVOBs may struggle to meet tight delivery timelines, leading to prime contractors seeking waivers.
  8. Payment Terms: Rigid payment terms from some SDVOBs may not align with the financial dynamics of prime contractors, necessitating waivers.
  9. Supplier Management Issues: Managing multiple SDVOBs to meet their diversity goals can be a daunting task for prime contractors.
  10. Regulatory Complexities: Complying with all the SDVOB regulations may appear complicated and confusing to some prime contractors, pushing them towards waivers.

Section 2: GoVets – The One-Stop-Shop Solution

Waivers can be avoided by simply choosing GoVets as your strategic partner. By partnering with GoVets, prime contractors can experience a multitude of benefits that not only satisfy their SDVOB goals but also streamline their acquisition projects.

  1. Wide Range of Products and Services: GoVets offers an extensive array of products across various categories, simplifying procurement logistics for prime contractors.
  2. Flexible Payment Terms: Experience the freedom of cash flow management with GoVets' flexible payment terms of Net30, Net45, and Net60 for qualifying customers.
  3. Reliable Deliveries: With efficient delivery scheduling service, GoVets ensures timely deliveries, helping prime contractors meet project milestones without stress.
  4. Streamlined Supplier Management: GoVets acts as your dedicated interface, managing all your suppliers and manufacturers, thus streamlining your supplier management.
  5. Lock-in Prices: Prime contractors can now lock-in prices with GoVets and ensure better budget control and financial planning.
  6. Loyalty Program: GoVets' Medallion Program offers escalating price discounts, cash-back rewards, GoVets Cash Rewards, and additional perks to loyal customers.
  7. SDVOB Compliance: As a recognized NYS SDVOB, partnering with GoVets helps prime contractors meet their 6% NYS-SDVOB goals seamlessly.
  8. Quality Assurance: GoVets provides the assurance of high-quality products and services, aligning with prime contractors' quality requirements.
  9. Capacity and Scalability: With its robust supply chain, GoVets can handle high-volume orders, eliminating the issue of capacity limitations.
  10. Geographical Reach: With its extensive distribution network, GoVets easily overcomes geographical barriers, ensuring smooth delivery of products and services across New York State.
  11. TAA Compliant Products: GoVets stocks a wide range of Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant products, thus aiding prime contractors in maintaining compliance with federal regulations that require the U.S. Government to acquire only U.S.-made or designated country end products.
  12. Made-in-USA Products: Emphasizing its commitment to supporting domestic businesses, GoVets offers a vast selection of Made-in-USA products, giving prime contractors the advantage of promoting domestic manufacturing and contributing to the national economy.

In conclusion, achieving SDVOB goals doesn't have to be a constant challenge for prime contractors. With strategic planning and a reliable partner like GoVets, not only can they meet these goals effortlessly, but they can also enhance project execution, improve cash flow, and optimize their supply chain. GoVets provides more than just supplies; it offers a comprehensive solution for prime contractors to efficiently navigate the SDVOB compliance landscape, delivering a win-win scenario for all stakeholders. So why choose stress when you can choose GoVets?

Section 3: GoVets: Your Comprehensive Supplier for Diverse State-wide Projects

Adapting to Diverse Project Needs At GoVets, our inventory is tailored to the diverse needs of an array of state-wide projects. Our extensive range of products and services aligns with the operational demands of numerous sectors, from public infrastructure and commercial real estate construction to renewable energy projects and telecommunication network expansion. We provide the necessary tools and equipment, industrial supplies, safety and personal protective gear, and much more, contributing significantly to the successful execution of these projects. Our solutions are an integral part of school and hospital renovations, data center constructions, public park developments, and military and defense projects, among others.

Aligning with Evolving Customer Requirements Moreover, our catalog is continually updated to feature our top-selling items across all categories, showcasing our commitment to meet our customers' evolving needs. For instance, in the residential real estate construction or industrial facility construction sector, we offer a broad spectrum of building and construction supplies, along with fasteners and hardware. For public transit system projects or port and harbor upgrades, our range of material handling and lifting equipment has proved essential. For healthcare facility constructions and expansions, we provide necessary safety and personal protective equipment, along with lab and scientific equipment. Our selection of office supplies, computers, and electronic appliances has been immensely beneficial for projects involving the construction of data centers, government buildings, and commercial real estate. The breadth and depth of our product range reflect our understanding of the unique needs of each sector we serve, making GoVets the go-to supplier for all state-wide projects.

Here is a sample list of products from our Quarterly Top Sellers.  We want to give our current and future customers an idea of what they can find on GoVets!  

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