GoVets vs. Amazon

Amazon's Broad Stroke Approach to E-Commerce Creates Opportunities for GoVets to Thrive!

This blog post was written to help our readers understand the differences between and  Amazon is an amazing company with very grandiose aspirations in all markets.  They are the global standard in e-commerce and understand what’s important to their customer base.  Their site is tailored to optimize the consumer's workflow to make purchases for almost any type of product available on the Internet.  Amazon’s platform has hundreds of millions of products across millions of vendors worldwide. 

Amazon’s broad-stroke approach to e-commerce opens up opportunities for other online stores, such as to thrive.  GoVets caters to consumers and organizations that are price conscious, have custom buying workflows and have a social and patriotic awareness to help U.S. small businesses and thank veterans for their service.   At GoVets, our mission is to provide a price competitive shopping experience with rich content that allows an intimate buying experience directly between buyers and our SDVOSB sellers.  We expect prices on our Online Super Store to compete and/or beat prices that you’ll see on other Marketplaces, such as Amazon.  The values of such a competitive environment is enhanced when buyers know that they’re purchasing products and services from U.S. based companies and interfacing directly with U.S. personnel.  Another benefit that GoVets shoppers benefit from is the opportunity to pay tribute to hardworking Veteran Entrepreneurs, including Service-Disabled Veterans, many of which have gone to war and have sacrificed so much for our great country.

Custom Features

The following table provides a summary of the differences between GoVets and Amazon:

Competitive Pricing

Govets vendors offer competitive pricing due to the simple, industry-low platform fees that we offer versus Amazon’s complex structure that includes monthly fees, per item fees, referral fees, and other fees that all vary based on product category and range from 15% to 50% (yes, 50%) based on category. 


We realize that GoVets may not be the marketplace of choice for certain consumers, but for those who want to save money, support U.S. business, thank our Veterans and support Supplier Diversity, we believe that GoVets is the place for you.


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