GoVets Proudly Sponsors VETCON 2023 - Shop, Save, Support Veterans!


At GoVets, we are thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the upcoming 2023 VETCON Conference, a prestigious event dedicated to the education and professional growth of veterans. As the Nation's Largest Veteran-Owned Online Store, we understand the importance of supporting initiatives that empower and uplift our veteran community.  In this article, we dive into the significance of VETCON, share our excitement about being a part of this exceptional opportunity, and encourage all of our valued customers to attend the conference and visit our booth.

GoVets Joins Forces with VETCON

The 2023 VETCON Conference marks a significant milestone for GoVets as we proudly become a Meritorious Service Level Sponsor and encourage other veteran-owned businesses and companies to also take on the role of Sponsor at this event.  Our commitment to veteran causes aligns perfectly with the conference's mission to provide veterans with valuable resources, networking opportunities, and support as they transition from service to civilian life. We recognize the importance of equipping veterans with the tools they need to succeed in various fields, and VETCON serves as a platform to make this vision a reality.

Excitement for Involvement

Our excitement knows no bounds as we become a part of the VETCON community. This conference not only brings together industry leaders and state agencies but also provides a unique opportunity for veterans in transition to connect with entrepreneurs and fellow veterans. We are genuinely excited to contribute to this environment of collaboration, learning, and growth.

Visit GoVets at the Conference

To our cherished customers attending the 2023 VETCON Conference, we extend a warm invitation to visit our booth. While the specific details of our booth will be updated in the coming weeks, rest assured that our team will be on hand to showcase the wide range of products and services we offer at GoVets. We look forward to engaging in conversations, scheduling meetings, answering your questions, and learning more about your needs as we continue our commitment to serving our community.

The Importance of VETCON

VETCON holds immense significance as a premier annual conference dedicated to the education and professional growth of veterans. It serves as a valuable platform for veterans to network with entrepreneurs, state agencies, and industry leaders. The conference's focus on providing financial tools, resources, and support is essential in aiding veterans' transition from service to everyday life. The VETCON Alliance, comprised of representatives from various private and public organizations, plays a crucial role in planning and executing this event, with the aim of promoting education, entrepreneurship, and employment among veterans.

About VETCON: Promoting Growth and Empowerment

VETCON is the result of a groundbreaking alliance that was first established in 2016. This alliance was formed with the objective of assisting veterans in their transition to civilian life by offering financial tools, resources, and support. This year's conference continues to uphold these values, with the VETCON Alliance working tirelessly to aid veterans facing socio-economic challenges. By focusing on education, entrepreneurship, and employment, the alliance aims to enhance veterans' opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency.

Who Attends VETCON?

VETCON attracts a diverse group of attendees who share a common goal: to empower veterans and provide them with opportunities for growth and success. The conference brings together state agencies, veteran-friendly business owners seeking to expand their state government portfolios, veterans in transition, and over 300 visitors over the course of two days. This dynamic mix of participants creates an environment of collaboration, networking, and knowledge-sharing, making VETCON a must-attend event for anyone passionate about supporting veterans.


As GoVets proudly sponsors the 2023 VETCON Conference, we look forward to being part of a transformative experience that empowers veterans and fosters their growth. We invite our customers attending the conference to visit our booth, engage in meaningful conversations, and explore the array of products and services we offer. Together, we can contribute to the success and well-being of our veteran community, ensuring that their transition to civilian life is marked by opportunities, support, and camaraderie.

For more information about the VETCON Conference, please visit their official website:

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