Amazon's new 2% Fee


In the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce, Amazon's recent decision to impose a 2% fee (Bloomberg) on sellers who ship their products independently has raised eyebrows and ignited debates. This move, while seemingly minor, opens up a Pandora's box of questions and concerns that affect not only sellers but also consumers and the broader economy. In this blog post, we will explore the implications of Amazon's decision and why it's time to consider alternatives like GoVets for your shopping needs.

1) Do We Really Want to Let Amazon Take Full Control of Our Supply Chain and Logistics?

Amazon's decision to charge a fee for self-fulfilled shipping is a clear indication of the company's desire to control the entire customer experience ( By imposing this fee, Amazon is subtly encouraging third-party merchants to use its fulfillment service, thereby consolidating control over the supply chain and logistics.

While this may seem like a smart business move for Amazon, it raises serious concerns for sellers, consumers, and the overall market. Do we really want one company to have such a dominant influence over how products are stored, shipped, and delivered? This concentration of power can stifle innovation, reduce competition, and ultimately limit choices for consumers.

2) This Price Increase Will Only Improve Amazon's Profits

The 2% fee may appear insignificant, but it's a clear strategy to boost Amazon's profits. By charging this fee, Amazon is not only encouraging sellers to use its fulfillment service (for which it also charges a fee) but also directly benefiting from those who choose to handle their shipping.

This move is not about enhancing the customer experience or ensuring consistency; it's about lining Amazon's pockets. It's a reminder that every decision made by the retail giant is calculated to increase its bottom line, often at the expense of small businesses and consumers.

3) This 2% Price Increase is a Form of Inflation That Will Ultimately Be Passed on to Consumers Who Are Paying Amazon

While the fee is levied on sellers, it's naive to think that consumers won't feel the impact. Many sellers, especially small businesses, operate on thin margins. This additional cost will likely be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

In essence, this 2% fee is a form of inflation that affects everyone who shops on Amazon. It's a hidden cost that adds to the price tag, making products more expensive and potentially driving customers to seek alternatives.

4) Amazon is Already Charging a Ridiculous Amount of Fees to Sellers, Which Are Also Passed on to Consumers as a Form of Tax. Is This Really Necessary?

Amazon's fee structure is already complex and burdensome for sellers. From commissions on transactions to fees for warehousing, fulfillment, and delivery, the costs quickly add up. This new 2% fee is just another layer of expense that makes selling on Amazon less appealing and more costly.

These fees are not just a problem for sellers; they are a form of tax on consumers. Every fee charged to a seller is likely to be reflected in the final price, making products more expensive and less competitive. Is this relentless pursuit of profit really necessary, or is it time to question Amazon's approach and seek alternatives?

5) Do We, as Americans, Really Want Amazon to Take Full Control of Everything We Purchase? This Really Limits Business Opportunity and Competition in the USA Economy

Amazon's growing influence extends beyond supply chain and logistics; it affects the very fabric of our economy. By consolidating control over everything we purchase, Amazon limits business opportunities and stifles competition.

This is not just a concern for sellers; it's a concern for all Americans who value diversity, innovation, and a healthy market. A single company's dominance can lead to complacency, reduce incentives for innovation, and create a barrier to entry for new businesses. Is this the future we want for our economy?

6) We Encourage Consumers to Choose Other Outlets Besides Amazon. There Are Better Prices Out There. Choose GoVets, Among So Many Other Online Shops for Your Purchases. Amazon May Be the Easy-Button at Times, But It's Not Always the Right Choice

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Amazon's 2% fee is more than just a minor price increase; it's a wake-up call to reconsider our shopping habits and the impact of one company's dominance. From controlling the supply chain to inflating prices and limiting competition, Amazon's influence has far-reaching consequences.

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