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  1. Amazon's Impact on E-Commerce: Why US Consumers Should Consider Alternatives

    Amazon's impact on E-commerce

    Amazon's influence on e-commerce is undeniable, but its dominance raises concerns. Learn how the shutdown of Google's Buy on Google initiative signals the importance of diverse shopping options and why consumers should take a stand.

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  2. Amazon's New 2% Fee: Exploring the Impact and Choosing Alternatives like GoVets

    Amazon's new 2% Fee

    Is Amazon's growing dominance a concern for consumers and the economy? Dive into the analysis of the recent 2% fee and its impact on sellers, prices, and competition. Learn why choosing GoVets and other alternatives can lead to better prices and a more diverse market.

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  3. Emergency Preparedness: How FEMA and Other Organizations Can Benefit from GoVets' Comprehensive Product Offerings

    Emergencies with GoVets

    Emergencies and disasters are unpredictable and can cause significant damage and disruption to communities and infrastructures. Effective emergency management, such as those orchestrated by FEMA and other similar organizations, requires extensive preparation and the right resources. GoVets, an online marketplace, provides an extensive range of products across various categories that can aid in this process.

    This article delves into the top 10 emergencies that organizations should prepare for and suggests relevant GoVets categories that can be utilized in each case.

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  4. Fire Detection, Prevention, and Fighting Active Fires in the Workplace

    fire prevention with GoVets

    Ensure the safety of your workplace with GoVets' complete guide to fire detection, prevention, and firefighting. Discover the right tools, equipment, and strategies to safeguard lives and property. Choose GoVets for quality products and free shipping. Support a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business today.

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  5. Your Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Preparedness with GoVets

    Hurricane supplies with GoVets

    Navigate hurricane season with confidence. Learn how to assemble your disaster supplies and why GoVets' vast selection of quality products is the key to effective hurricane preparedness.

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