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Prime Contractor Resources - Partner with GoVets to Streamline SDVOB Goals

In this blog category, we delve into the critical aspect of prime contractor resources, specifically addressing the challenges and opportunities related to meeting Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB) goals. We focus on the state of New York, where the integration of SDVOBs in state contracts is a longstanding commitment. Achieving these goals demands strategic planning and meticulous execution from prime contractors, and this blog sheds light on how they can streamline their SDVOB subcontracting process through a partnership with GoVets, a leading NYS SDVOB.

Section 1: The SDVOB Requirement – Why and How?

The blog's initial section emphasizes the significance of SDVOBs in New York State contracts and how prime contractors are obligated to meet specific SDVOB utilization goals. To ensure seamless achievement of these goals, prime contractors must create well-structured subcontracting plans early on in the bidding process. Collaboration with the Diversity Office is pivotal during this phase, providing valuable guidance in revising and fine-tuning the plan. The blog also highlights the importance of avoiding overreliance on waivers, as consistent commitment to diversity is crucial. This section ultimately underlines the need for reliable partners that can help meet SDVOB goals without compromising on quality or resorting to waivers.

Section 2: Meet Your SDVOB Goals with GoVets

The second section of the blog introduces GoVets as the ultimate solution for prime contractors seeking to achieve their SDVOB goals seamlessly. GoVets is a recognized NYS SDVOB, offering an extensive range of products in various categories, making it a one-stop-shop for contractors. By partnering with GoVets, contractors can efficiently procure all necessary supplies, ultimately reducing the time and effort spent on procurement logistics. The blog emphasizes that this streamlined approach not only helps fulfill SDVOB goals but also enables contractors to focus on their core competencies, driving project success. GoVets' comprehensive support in various project-related domains further solidifies its position as a reliable partner for prime contractors aiming to achieve SDVOB compliance.


In conclusion, the "Prime Contractor Resources - Partner with GoVets to Streamline SDVOB Goals" blog category aims to educate prime contractors, especially those operating in New York State, about the importance of meeting SDVOB goals and the benefits of collaborating with GoVets. By offering a wide array of products, exceptional pricing, and comprehensive support, GoVets proves to be more than just a supplier; it becomes a strategic partner in ensuring successful project execution. Prime contractors can rely on GoVets to not only navigate the SDVOB compliance landscape but also to drive economic growth and uplift SDVOBs in the state of New York, fostering a stronger and more inclusive business environment.



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