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  1. Top 10 Online Reputation Factors for E-Commerce Companies

    The top 10 factors that ecommerce companies need to take in consideration to maximize their online reputation
    The reputation of an ecommerce company is crucial for its success in the online marketplace. A strong reputation can increase customer trust, drive sales, and establish brand loyalty. On the other hand, a negative reputation can lead to decreased customer trust, lost sales, and damage to the brand image. In this digital age, it is important for ecommerce companies to focus on their online reputation. Here are the top ten factors that ecommerce companies should consider to maximize their online reputation:
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  2. Top 10 Reasons why customers choose

    Top 10 Reasons why customers choose govets

    Here are the top 10 reasons customer choose

    1. GoVets is dedicated to supporting veterans and military families by providing jobs and business opportunities.
    2. GoVets offers a wide range of products, including clothing, home goods, and outdoor gear.
    3. GoVets works with a network of veteran-owned and operated businesses to source and sell products.
    4. GoVets provides excellent customer service and support.
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  3. What are the top 10 ways criminals commit friendly fraud in the USA?

    Fraudsters Beware - We will Detect You, Find You, Block You and Report You.

    Top 10 ways criminals commit friendly fraud in the USA:

    • Returns with no receipt
    • Returns with a manipulated receipt
    • Stolen credit/debit cards
    • Account takeover
    • Chargeback fraud
    • Phishing scams
    • Identity theft
    • Credential stuffing
    • Counterfeit cashier's checks
    • Return fraud using gift cards


    Returns with no receipt:

    Criminals purchase items with the intent of returning them for a refund without providing a receipt, often claiming that the item was a gift.

    Returns with a manipulated receipt:

    Criminals alter or forge receipts to make it appear that the item was purchased at a lower price or on a different date, in order to receive a larger refund.

    Stolen credit/debit cards:

    Criminals use stolen credit or debit cards to make fraudulent purchases, often using the information to make multiple purchases before the card

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  4. Why should Government Buyers purchase TAA compliant products?

    Government Buyers should purchase Government Compliant Products

    Why should Government Buyers purchase TAA-compliant products?

    1. Compliance with trade agreements
    2. Supporting American jobs
    3. Ensuring quality and safety
    4. Promoting fair trade
    5. Meeting procurement requirements
    6. Cost savings
    7. National security


    Compliance with trade agreements:

    The United States government is required to purchase products that are compliant with trade agreements such as the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), which means products that are manufactured or substantially transformed in a TAA-designated country.

    Supporting American jobs:

    TAA-compliant products are made in the United States or TAA-designated countries, which means purchasing them supports American jobs and industries.

    Ensuring quality and safety:

    TAA-compliant products are subject to the same regulations and standards as those made in the United States, which helps to ensure

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  5. 14 Reasons Why Shoppers Abandon Your Website & How to Fix it.

    Why people abandon your website and how to fix it?

    At GoVets, we are very passionate about continuously improving our customer experience and look at every way to help our customers understand what they are buying so the customer is happy with their purchase, experience and they keep coming back for more to satisfy their Government, Business and/or Personal needs.  As part of this process, we want to maximize how many customers are converting when they come to our website.  There are many industry statistics and studies that try to look at buyer behavior.  For example, provides the following reasons why web buyers abandon shopping carts: 

    1. High Shipping Costs (44% of Shoppers)
    2. Not Ready to Purchase (41% of Shoppers)
    3. High Product Prices (25% of Shoppers)
    4. Wanted to Save Products for Later Consideration (24% of Shoppers)
    5. Did Not Clearly Mention Shipping Costs (22% of Shoppers)
    6. No Guest Checkout Option (14% of Shoppers)
    7. Need Too Much
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