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This GoVets Category is dedicated to provide updates to our Government Buyers throughout the year!  

  1. What are the top 25 reasons that government buyers and businesses purchase products from diverse suppliers?

    Diverse Suppliers

    Reasons government buyers and businesses purchase products from diverse suppliers:

    1. Promoting equal economic opportunities
    2. Compliance with affirmative action and diversity requirements
    3. Improved relationships with minority and disadvantaged communities
    4. Access to new and innovative products
    5. Cost savings
    6. Improved delivery times
    7. Increased competition
    8. Diversification of suppliers
    9. Reduced risk
    10. Increased flexibility
    11. Better customer service
    12. Widened product range
    13. Improved sustainability
    14. Access to new markets
    15. Improved supplier relations
    16. Compliance with regulations
    17. Improved supply chain management
    18. Reduced dependency on a single supplier
    19. Improved production efficiency
    20. Better bargaining power
    21. Access to local suppliers
    22. Improved risk management
    23. Availability of raw materials
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  2. The Pros and Cons for Government Buyers to Purchase Products

    pros and cons

    Why should government buyers purchase items on

    Government buyers may choose to purchase items on because it offers several advantages, including:
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  3. Market Research Best Practices for Government Buyers

    Market Research

    At GoVets, several of our Government Buyers reach out as part of their Market Research activities, so we want to share our thoughts based on our knowledge, experience and observations.  

    Market Research Best Practices

    Government buyers conduct market research in order to identify and procure products from qualified suppliers and diversified small businesses. Market research is a critical component of the procurement process and helps buyers to gather information on the available products, services, and suppliers in the market. This information is then used to make informed purchasing decisions that meet the needs of the government agency and its constituents.

    Market research typically starts with a needs assessment, which helps government buyers to understand the requirements of the agency and its stakeholders. This assessment considers factors such as the type of product or service needed, the specifications and standards required, the desired delivery

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  4. How to become a Tax-Exempt buyer in the USA?

    How to become Tax Exempt in the USA

    How to become a Tax-Exempt buyer in the USA?

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  5. What are the most frequently purchased items in the US Government

    Most Frequently Purchased Items from the US Government

    Most Frequently Purchased Items from the US Government:

    At Govets, we're always monitoring trends in our target markets.  One of our key areas is the US federal government.  The most frequently purchased items by the US government include:

    • Office supplies (e.g. paper, pens, printers)
    • IT equipment and services (e.g. computers, software, networking gear)
    • Professional services (e.g. consulting, legal,
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