What are Account Setup, Shopping and Checkout page best practices for GoVets?

7928 views  October 13, 2021

One of our goals for GoVets is to make the Account setup, Account Management, Checkout process and Order Management as simple as possible and with the least amount of friction for our customers so they can process their orders.  This sometimes requires our systems and/or support team to help correct details related to orders that have errors, typos or invalid characters.  For many of our returning customers, we often see similar mistakes that we try to guide them but decided to come up it the following Checkout Page and Shopping best practices on GoVets: 

Step 1) Create an Account and Sign-In before Checking Out.  It's easy to create an account, but you need to make sure to use a valid email address and click on the email confirmation to activate your account.  Creating an account also makes sure that you are able to retrieve Order Status information related to your account.  Although it's possible to create an account after you place a Guest Order on GoVets and view your orders, we strongly recommend creating your account ahead of time.  Depending on the type of account that you qualify for, there may be different options, including different payment options on the checkout page specific to Government, Enterprise and/or Personal accounts.   If you are an Enterprise, Academic Institution, or Federal / State / Local Government Business, we strongly recommend applying for Credit Terms on GoVets. - Even if you plan on placing several orders with GoVets using your Credit Card, submitting your application for Net Terms will further minimize security risks, fraud alerts, and other security verifications for high volume customers.   There is no minimum order size for Credit Card purchase, but there is a minimum order size for these Net30 purchases (currently $500) - so if the items in your cart do not add up to the required minimum order size, this option will not be available and you will be required to use the Credit Card option.

Step 2) Make sure to add a Shipping and Billing Address to your account.  You can always manage your addresses in your account

Step 3) Always check out our Promotions Page for the latest updates and/or coupon codes available for your purchase.  If you are a recurring customer, many coupon codes may not apply as they are only good for 1-2 times, but we are always updating our promotions.  

Step 4) Business and Government Customers can apply for Tax Exempt accounts by going to our Get Help and select Tax Exempt in the Support Ticket Request form. Form.  A Tax Exempt certificate is required for ALL REQUESTS.  Once you submit your tax-exempt request, it can take 2-3 business days before your account is updated, but go ahead and make your purchase while your Tax Exempt Request is being processed and your account is being updated - We will refund taxes for your most recent orders.  

Step 5) Search for items by SKU, MPN, Brand, category or specific keywords on our Search Page.  We have millions of products and all items include free parcel or freight shipping.  You can sort your results by Price (Highest to Lowest, Lowest to Highest) Name (A > Z,  Z > A).

*** If you are planning to sell any products to your end customers, it is highly recommended for you to directly become an authorized reseller for the specific products that you are selling.

Step 6) Carefully Review Product details, minimum quantities and any State restrictions before adding items to your Cart.   If you purchase an item that is restricted in the ship-to state, this item will be rejected from your order.   Also make sure to pay attention to minimum quantities or quantities per package for a given product so you understand how many units of the product need to be purchased.  

Step 7) Enter any Promotions Page codes for this order on the Cart Page.   Most promo codes cannot be stacked and may also remove any other discounts already applied in your cart - so make sure to select the code that gives you the best discount for your order.  NOTE:  NEVER SEARCH FOR COUPON CODES ON OTHER SITES - THERE ARE MANY SCAM SITES THAT HAVE BOGUS COUPON CODES. 

Step 8) On the Checkout page, make sure to enter the correct shipping information for yourself or your end customer.  If you need to include additional information about the order or your company, please add this information as part of the Lastname Field and include the End-Customer's Fullname in the Firstname field.  

Step 9) Make sure to enter the correct BILLING INFORMATIONIMPORTANT:  If Billing and Shipping are the same leave the Checkbox selected in the Credit Card payment section.  If you are shipping this item to a different shipping address, make sure to UNCHECK the box "My billing and shipping address are the same".  If you leave this box checked and you are shipping this item to a different address, your payment may get declined or may be flagged as a fraudulent order.   

*** NEVER INCLUDE A PO# in the Shipping Address and NEVER refer to a PURCHASE ORDER # in the Shipping Fields.  Your order will likely be rejected if our system believes you are adding a Post Office Box Number, or if you add other non-shipping related information in the shipping address fields. 

Step 10) Select Place Order.  If your order is successfully placed, you will be redirected to a new page that gives you the Order numbers for all items purchased.  Please note that if you purchase multiple items in a single transaction, each item will be broken out into its own order for each tracking and item identification for future reference.  

Step 11) If you need to receive an update on your order, you can go to your account and open the given order to receive information, tracking details or notes that our system or customer support may have entered into your order for your review or information.  Orders may also have attachments for your review.  Examples of attachments may be license keys for software, certificates of conformance, product safety sheets, or similar.  

Step 12) Once you place your order, you may be required to fill out our Credit Card Authorization Form and/or submit a proof of identification through a Vouched.ID mobile or desktop device.  






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