What is Vouched.ID and why is GoVets sending me a Vouched.ID request?

315 views  September 23, 2021


Govets has partnered with industry leading partners to help maximize the security of our transactions and minimize fraudulent transactions.

What is Vouched?  

Vouched is award-winning AI and CV that powers real-time visual ID verification to onboard customers and drive revenue for customers across town or around the world.

When does GoVets Send Vouched.ID Verification Requests? 

We are now sending 'Vouched.ID' verification requests for orders that our security automation systems and/or support staff review and flag for additional verification.  Here are a couple overview videos about Vouched.ID, including a 30-second video that shows how Vouched is used on a Mobile application and a general overview about Vouched.ID.

Mobile Document Id Verification | Vouched Mobile Demo

Identity Verification Vouched Instructional Video



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