Walball Trigger Point Muscle Recovery Tool

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A Patent Pending Trigger Point Muscle Recovery Tool

Loosen Up Muscle Knots Anywhere

There are 400 muscles in the body and each of them are capable of developing trigger points. 

Use Walball to get relief anywhere you feel knots and pain.

If you’re a Fitness Enthusiast, Athlete, or Work a Job that causes you to feel any of the following …

  • Tightness in the back

  • Discomfort in the shoulders

  • Aches in the legs

WALBALL is for you! 

WALBALL’s compact design enables you to take it anywhere, and experience a significant decrease in pain while on the go. 

Some of the best places to use it are ... 

  • At the gym prior to working out

  • At the office

  • In the shower

  • While driving

How does WALBALL Work?

Stick WALBALL to most smooth flat surfaces and work your trouble areas with ease. Hands free, variable pressure, and extremely compact.  Common areas include neck, upper and lower back, shoulders, arms, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and feet.

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