Nipple 1/2 In Thrd at Both Ends 3 In 316 E6BND05

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Brand: Govets Direct
Part #: E6BND05
Nipple 1/2 In Thrd at Both Ends 3 In 316
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Manufacturer Details

  • Manufacturer: GoVets Direct
  • Condensed Mfg Number: E6BND05
  • MPN: E6BND05

Label Details

  • Hazardous Material: N
  • Green Material Flag: N
  • TAA Compliant: N
  • Country of Origin: ZZ
  • CA Prop 65 Wht Label: N

Shipping Details

  • Ship Weight: 6.80

Classification Details

  • Harmonization Code: 7307225000
  • UPC Code: 00000000000000000000
  • GDS Category Name: Metal Pipe and Pipe Nipples
  • GDS Family Name: Pipe and Tubing
  • GDS Segment Name: Plumbing
  • UNSPSC: 40142318
  • UNSPSC Class ID: 23
  • UNSPSC Commodity Name: Pipe fittings
  • UNSPSC Commodity ID: 18
  • UNSPSC Commodity Name: Pipe nipples
  • UNSPSC Family ID: 14
  • UNSPSC Family Name: Fluid and gas distribution
  • UNSPSC Segment ID: 40
  • UNSPSC Segment Name: Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components

Shipping Details

  • Not For Sale In: HI AK PR
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Manufacturer Part Number E6BND05
Condition New
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