Why isn't my tracking number showing any information about my shipment?

1106 views  October 6, 2020

When you receive a shipment notification, this means that our suppliers have notified us that your package is on its way to its destination.  You may receive tracking information in one of the following formats: 

Likely: Tracking Number + Freight/Parcel Company Assigned to Order: 

A tracking number is usually assigned to an order before it has been scanned by the parcel company to indicate that it has been picked up or shipped.  So, it is possible that our suppliers send us a tracking number that essentially shows that the item has not moved, or there is an error with the tracking number.  When this happens, we often recomment to our customers to wait a few hours or even overnight to ensure that this is indeed the case.  If this continues, please reach out to us but Submitting a Ticket to our Support Team and we will contact our supplier to make sure that your order has indeed been shipped out. 

If you receive a Tracking Number and the name of a Freight company, it is very possible that our suppliers have not integrated with the given Freight company, so the best way to get a real-time update is to contact the Freight company directly.  Here is a list of the MOST common Freight companies from our suppliers.  This list provides a URL to the Freight company's site that allows you to enter the Tracking Information provided in your order.  These sites often provide the latest information and can be contacted directly by the End-Customer that is trying to coordinate the delivery of their product(s).


Often:  Supplier-Provided Tracking URL Assigned to Order: 

Some of our suppliers send us the shipping information that they receive from their parcel & freight partners throughout the country.  For these orders, your tracking information will likely be a URL to a page on GoVets.  When you navigate to this URL, please wait 1-2 seconds for the page to refresh results for your shipment because we submit a real-time request to our suppliers to get you the latest information about your order.  


Rare:  NO Tracking Information Provided: 

There are situations where a Tracking Number has not been provided by the Supplier or the Supplier's Freight company even though the order has shipped out.  In most cases, the item will be delivered within 1-2 business days, but if you require the Tracking Number, please notify us and we will work with our supplier to get you any additional information available about the order, the estimated time of arrival, and the freight company's information.



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