What are the top 10 reasons that my coupon code does not work?

493 views  November 20, 2021

GoVets offers several promo codes and promotions throughout the year for various events, celebrations and milestones.  Some of these promo codes have certain limitations that do not always apply in every circumstance.  If you have tried to use a promo code that is giving you an error in your cart or checkout page, there may be several reasons why this would happen, including but not limited to: 

1) The promo code has expired.

2) The promo code cannot be combined with other promos in your cart.

3) The promo is invalid and from a fraudulent coupon code website that is attempting to drive traffic for the wrong reasons.

4) You have already used the promo code and it is only valid a single purchase for your account.

5) The total number of uses for the promo code have been used up.

6) The promo code does not apply for your user profile and/or you must be registered and logged-in to use the promo code.

7) The promo code does not apply for the number of items in your cart.

8) The promo code does not apply for the total sales (purchase) amount in your cart.

9) The promo code does not apply for the type of products or categories in your cart. 

10) There is a typo in the promo code entered on the checkout or cart page.

Always make sure you are using an active promotion code that is from our promotions page.  Promo codes on other sites should not be trusted as we cannot guarantee their authenticity.  


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