Is GoVets compliant with the NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT (NDAA) section 889 (i.e. Form 889)?

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GoVets is compliant with the NDAA section 889 and we can provide Government buyers with a signed form to allow Government Buyers to make micro-purchases through GoVets.  GoVets represents that we will not provide covered telecommunications equipment or services to the Government in the performance of any contract, subcontract or other contractual instrument.  Also, after conducting a reasonable inquiry, GoVets  represents that we do not use covered telecommunications equipment or services, or use any equipment, system, or service that uses covered telecommunications equipment or services.  Veratics, Inc is the registered company and we are doing business as (DBA) GoVets.  

FORM 889 from GoVets:

An 889 Representation is NOT REQUIRED from GoVets because we have an Active SAM Registration with an updated FAR 52.204.26 (Oct 2020).   Our company is called Veratics, Inc (DBA: GoVets).  Our CAGE is: 72YC0 and our UEI is D3XEKNNS3KX6. Cardholders may verify our SAM Registration by using either the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or by verifying our information at

Verify GoVets using RPA:

  • To use the RPA, send an email to with a valid 5-digit CAGE code (72YC0) in the subject line or a valid UEI number in the subject line (D3XEKNNS3KX6) and no text in the body of the email. The system should send a response within 5 minutes. For further instructions, see Instructions for Robotic Process Automation Capability for Confirming Section 889 Prospective Offeror Responses in the System for Award Management.  Here is an example email of what you can expect to receive from the system: 

GoVets - CAGE Code - RPA Request Email Response

Verify GoVets using SAM:

  • To verify in SAM directly, go to: YOU MUST LOGIN TO SAM.GOV TO SEARCH FOR VENDORS.   Once you are logged in, press SEARCH RECORDS. Locate the merchant using the QUICK SEARCH, UEI Search (GoVets UEI: D3XEKNNS3KX6) or CAGE Code Search [CAGE Codes do not contain the letter O; only zero (0)] boxes (GoVets CAGE Code: 72YC0). Click the View Details box in the merchant’s information. Click the Reps & Certs link on the left side of the screen. Scroll down to FAR 52.204-26. Press the link (FAR 52.204-26) to open the representation. Verify the date of the clause: COVERED TELECOMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT OR SERVICES REPRESENTATION (Oct 2020).

Download Form 889: 

Veratics, Inc (DBA GoVets) - Form 889 - Micro-Purchase NDAA Section 889 Representation

If you still require a Form 889 from GoVets (Veratics, Inc), here is the latest (signed) copy of our form: GoVets (exp021922) - Form 889 - Micro-Purchase - National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).


If you need an updated form, please reach out to our Support Team


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