What happens if my order arrives with missing or defective items?

667 views  June 21, 2021

When your product arrives with missing or defective items, go to our Help Page and contact us about your order as soon as possible.  If your order is within the Return window specified in our Return Policy, you may be eligible for a zero-cost return and refund.  If your order is outside this window, then we strongly suggest reaching out to the manufacturer to address issues regarding these defective or missing parts. 

If you reach out to our support team, we can also try to put you in touch with the manufacturer, but in most cases, we have determined that customer's have better and quicker results with reaching out directly to the manufacturer.  

If you need to contact GoVets Support or reach out directly to the Manufacturer regarding a missing item, please make sure to have all the following items ready: 

  • Contact Information
  • Order Date
  • Order Number
  • Copy of your original Order
  • Manufacturer and Brand Name (they are often different)
  • Product Name
  • Manufacturing Part Number (MPN)
  • Product SKU (when reaching out to GoVets)
  • Name of missing or defective item or component (if known /available from the installation instructions).
  • Serial Number or Part Number of the specific defective item or component (if known / available from the installation instructions).
  • Photos of defective or missing parts
  • Additional Information / Description of the issue



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