How can Business and Government customers request a Quote?

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Request Quote Summary

GoVets offers our Business and Government customers the ability to Request a Quote for any products on GoVets.   

If you would like to request a quote on GoVets, you can follow these simple steps and options below:

  • Sign In to your GoVets Account or Create an account
    • Make sure you select the appropriate type of account (Government or Enterprise).  Customers with Individual/Personal accounts are not able to submit Quote Requests at this time.
  • Search / Browse for any products on GoVets.
  • Select one of the following two options to submit your Quote request
  • On the product page, select the button "ADD TO QUOTE" as shown in the figure below and the item will be added to your Quote Cart.  Note: This button will only appear when you are logged in as a Government or Business customer. 

Add to Quote Cart

Figure 1 - Add Quote on Product Page

  • Repeat the above steps to add more products to your Quote Cart:  
  • When you are ready to submit your Quote, click on the Quote Cart Icon to view your Quote, update desired price, quantities, personal details, address, and other details you would like communicate to GoVets Support. 
  • When you are ready, select the button Submit Quote.  
  • GoVets Support will respond to your quote request within 1 business day.  
  • You will receive an Email notification with the Quote details and reminder E-Mails regarding you quote.  You will also receive an E-Mail if your quote was approved or rejected.  Once it it approved, you will then be able to purchase the item(s) in your quote. 
  • When you want to review or purchase the items in your Quote from within GoVets, please Sign In and go to My Quotes, where all Quotes will be listed under the My Quotes menu option. 
  • Select the View button on the far right of the given Quote and if you would like to purchase the item, select the Add to Cart button located on the given Quote.  This Action will move ALL ITEMS from your quote so you can checkout as you normally would on GoVets.  

GoVets Quote Cart

Figure 2 - Quote Cart


Quote Expiration

Quotes Expire within 14 days after being submitted. Please note that the items associated with your Quote may not be available if you wait too long to purchase the items in your Quote.  GoVets will send E-Mail reminders before your quote expires.  

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