Does GoVets comply with Manufacturer Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP) ?

441 views  December 21, 2021

How does GoVets Comply with MAP Prices? 

GoVets complies with all Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP) prices that we receive from our suppliers.  We want to be 100^ sure that we are in compliant with our manufacturer's advertising strategies and best practices.  If you have a manufacturer or see one of your brands on GoVets that you believe does not comply with your MAP prices, please make sure to do the following: 

1) Review prices that are submitted to your distribution partners and make sure everything has been updated within their data feeds or your data feeds to your distribution partners.

2) If you believe that (1) has been covered, please reach out to GoVets on our HELP page and submit a ticket so we can provide a response as quickly as possible and update price on our site.  Make sure to provide an EXCEL or CSV file in addition to any other materials provided to our Support team.  IF there are many items that need to be updated, a PDF or link to one of your webpages will simply delay the process on our end.  

What are MAP Prices?   

Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP) are the lowest advertised price that a retailer / online store, such as GoVets, can advertise for a product for sale.  These prices are determined by the manufacturer for various strategic reasons, often to make sure there is consistent pricing for their brands across all retailers.  

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