When do my GoVets Dollars expire / When does GoVets Cash Rewards expire?

303 views  June 23, 2022

GoVets Cash Rewards offer our customers to save on future orders by taking advantage of promotions, and other opportunities to earn GoVets Dollars.  GoVets Dollars have various expiration timelines based on the type of GoVets Dollars that the customer qualifies for.  Unless otherwise specified in the given GoVets Cash Rewards Promotion, the default expiration date for GoVets Cash Rewards is 60 days after the rewards were earned.  From time to time, there may be various promotions that will allow customers to earn Cash Rewards that extend beyond the standard 60-day expiration timeline or may even expire sooner than this timeframe.  

You can always check on your balance by logging into your GoVets Account and clicking on the Rewards section within your Account.  This section will provide details information about the Rewards Earned over time, Rewards Used, Remaining Rewards and expirations.  

If you would like to take full advantage of these rewards, we recommend that you opt-in to receive email communication updates about your Cash Rewards Balance and upcoming expirations.  


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