How does GoVets handle fraudulent activities?

1002 views  February 12, 2020


GoVets has partnered with one of the industry's top Fraud Detection organizations to offer a Fraud-Prevention solution that makes smarter decisions with real-time fraud intelligence.  Our integrated service provides real-time risk scoring, contextual and reputational data, and post-event monitoring to inform fraud analysis, support automated workflows, and power risk modeling.  As a GoVets vendor, you become part of one of the largest data co-ops of shared reputational data on IP addresses, email address, shipping addresses, phone numbers, devices, and more. The Network represents over 2 billion transactions and events annually generated by thousands of global businesses ranging from independent online stores to Fortune 100 companies.

When we detect highly suspicious activities or in the rare case where we receive chargebacks related to suspicious purchases, we report these activities to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center, and the Local Authorities (Police, Sheriffs) closest to the location associated with the fraudulent activity and work with them to find these criminals and prevent them from harming our Nation's Heroes.... Our Veteran community. 

GoVets DOES NOT TOLERATE Fraudsters!  


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