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GoVets customers can complete their project with the help of Bird-X Inc, a company established in 1964 that offers outdoor equipment and other similar products. Their products are designed to help customers protect their property from birds, pests, and other animals. Bird-X Inc offers a wide range of products such as bird repellents, bird spikes, bird netting, and ultrasonic sound devices. These products are typically used to deter birds from entering areas such as gardens, patios, and other outdoor spaces. Shop today and find the perfect solution for your outdoor project with Bird-X Inc.

Ultrasonic Animal Repeller IR Sensor MPN:YG-SOLAR
Schneider | Programming Software VJDSNDTGSV62M


SKU: 226-CXO-44DV78

Brand: Bird-X Inc

Price: $29.85

Shipping: Free

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