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Technology Turnaround Services

Estimated Delivery Time: 2 weeks to start
UofM: per hour
Our experienced consultants can help develop an executable plan to uplift or modernize your technology solution.
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Minimum quantity for "Technology Turnaround Services" is 10.

Hire our experienced consultants to develop an executable plan to uplift or modernize your technology solution.

Use Cases:

Providing a Large Enterprise Modernization Path Forward

  • Pain Point: A new CIO was faced with an aging legacy system creating issues resulting in poor customer satisfaction.
  • Solution: Within one month Veratics created an As-Is technology model and business process model, exposed technology automation gaps, developed options for incremental modernization, developed a business case, and presented a project plan.
  • Differentiation: Veratics does not use “big company templates” and we bring insights specific to the enterprise modernization challenges and strategic goals.
  • Value: Clear and concise technology modernization program geared toward achieving enterprise goals.


Uplifting an Existing Web Application

  • Pain Point: The VA needed an application to expand the functionality of an existing healthcare web application with the goal of improving patient outcomes.
  • Solution: Veratics modified an existing application to fully integrate with the VA’s electronic health record.
  • Differentiation: Veratics has detailed knowledge of the VA’s electronic health record, as well as full stack mobile/responsive web application development experience.
  • Value: The uplifted application is more useable and less costly to maintain.

Refactoring Software

  • Pain Point: Code base suffering from years of software development without concern for technical debt, leading to code which is unsafe, difficult, and time consuming to maintain.
  • Solution: Veratics refactored the code, identified areas of concern,  and resolved issues such as SQL injection vulnerabilities, memory leaks, duplicated code, unused code, poorly structured code, and logic defects.
  • Differentiator:  Veratics has significant understanding of software design, secure programming practices, and quality assurance.
  • Value:  The code base is now more secure, lower cost, and easier to maintain.

Modernizing Consumer-Facing Portals

  • Pain Point:  Enterprise consumer-facing portal on dated technology required technical experts in HTML, CSS, and PHP to make content changes.
  • Solution: Developed and deployed a modern, responsive, content-management-system-based portal.
  • Differentiation: Veratics understands how to integrate organizational roles and responsibilities at the appropriate abstraction level,  implemented using a content management system.
  • Value:  Marketing staff is now able to rapidly respond to evolving market needs and feedback without delays and cost associated with going through the software development organization for all changes.

Modernizing Reporting

  • Pain Point: Reports are being created in COGNOS but the enterprise primarily has Java developers.
  • Solution: Veratics rapidly converted current COGNOS reporting to Java.
  • Differentiator:  Veratics has innovative solutions to efficiently cross platforms and gain efficiencies.
  • Value:  The customer now has the ability to maintain reporting functionality more efficiently with existing enterprise resources.

Automating Workflow

  • Pain Point:  Enterprise application requires manual setup and is only accessible to be run via one user’s workspace.
  • Solution: Veratics took the current tool and transformed it into a UI with the ability to  run in a more automated fashion instead of manually on only one developer’s computer.
  • Differentiator: Veratics brings innovative approaches to use existing enterprise applications in more efficient ways, avoiding  current bottlenecks.
  • Value: Increased throughput since anyone with the appropriate access can now use the tool concurrently.

Technology Turnaround Services

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