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Socket Screws and Set Screws

A set screw is used to secure one object within or against another one. Our selection includes inch and metric socket screws, stripper bolts, set screws, cap screws and grub screws in a variety of types, materials, and threads. Shoulder screws, also known as shoulder bolts and stripper bolts, are used frequently in pulleys, linkages, and other moving parts. They also function as guide screws or precision spacers. For machine assembly and engine and machine maintenance, select socket head cap screws with standard, button, flange, flat, low or vented heads. Headless socket set screws are also used with pulleys or similar machine parts in a shaft for a wide range of engineering, machinery and vehicle applications. Cup-point and flat-point socket set screws are available. Find all the set screws you need for the task at hand.