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Strain Relief

Help support your electrical metallic tubing (EMT) and conduit with conduit supports from GoVets. Our selection of beam clamps allows installation of EMT and conduit in warehouses, factories, and steel buildings when conventional conduit mounting techniques are unavailable. Stainless steel beam clamps are suitable for attaching conduit to steel beams, plus they are corrosion resistant. We also offer conduit hangers and straps that meet the requirements for a variety of installations. Liquid tight conduit grips help prevent conduit pull-out and damage at the fitting. Liquid-tight connectors are designed for use with conduit, electrical boxes, and enclosures that are liquid-tight and have provisions for holding electrical cords. They provide strain relief and most can be tightened with pliers or screwdrivers when working in tight spaces. Shop GoVets for many of the conduit supports and conduit connectors you need for your electrical projects.