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Starters and Contactors

Motor starters can help protect your motors from damage caused by over voltages and under voltages. Our selection includes starters with electronic overload and models with thermal overload protection. Definite purpose contactors are suitable for many air compressor, agricultural equipment, pump, and food service equipment applications. Many of these models come with quick-connect terminals to ease installation. Manual motor starters can provide OnOff operation and overload protection for many small 1-phase, 3-phase, or DC motors in small machine tool, pump, fan, and conveyor applications. Looking for a model suitable for hazardous locations We have motor switches and starters that are suitable for areas where there may be ignitable gases, vapors, and dusts. Our selection of motor starter accessories includes starter control kits, enclosures, and starter power bases for many motor starter models. Shop GoVets for many of the electrical starters you're looking for. Energy-efficient IEC magnetic contactors are for power circuit switching and can provide automatic cutoff in the event of a power failure. NEMA magnetic contactors are for switching heating loads, capacitors, transformers, and electric motors. Theyre suitable for use in construction, infrastructure, oil and gas, and other applications. Definite purpose magnetic contactors are ideal for many HVAC and cooling applications, while lighting magnetic contactors are for use in switching electrical power circuits. Specialty contactors include mercury displacement models suitable for heating and motor loads. Hoist magnetic models are for use in electric hoists, light-duty cranes, and in door operators. Need repair kits and replacement components We have contactor accessories that includes auxiliary contacts, replacement coils, contactor components, and repair kits. Shop GoVets for many of the motor contactors, electrical contactors, and repair kits that you need.