Tronair 20-4500-7000 Aircraft Oxygen Booster (O2) (CE)

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Manufacturer: Tronair
Part Number: 20-4500-7000
Condition: New

The Tronair 20-4500-7000 pneumatic oxygen booster provides the capability of boosting remaining lower pressure oxygen from supply bottle to the required higher aircraft system pressure; up to 2,250 psig maximum.

This oxygen booster utilizes an air driven pressure amplifier, requiring 145 PSIG maximum air pressure input at 80 SCFM volume.


  • Dimensions: 24-9/16 inches long x 19 inches high x 16 inches deep
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Output Hose: 15 feet long with #4 37o JIC female flare swivel fitting at aircraft hook-up end 2250 psi (155 bar) maximum
  • Oxygen Output Rating: 80 SCFM at 150 psi (10.3 bar) maximum
  • Input to Booster Pump: 2500 psi (172 bar)
  • Booster High Pressure Air Pilot: 2500 psi (172 bar)
  • Booster High Pressure Relief: 2750 psi (189.6 bar)
  • Temperature Range: 0 to 200 F (17.7o to 93.3o C)

Optional Equipment to Enhance Unit

  • Single supply bottle: Model Number 20-4502-6000
  • Four bottle cart: Model Number 20-4504-7000


All plumbing, fittings, and components are cleaned for oxygen use. The unit and hoses are cleaned, packaged and shipped separately to avoid any possible system contamination.
18-4202-1000 Previous Part Number
Length 25 (64) in (cm)
Height 19 (48) in (cm)
Width 16 (41) in (cm)
Weight 80 (36) lb (kg)
G-1158-106106 SCR, 1/4-20 OVAL HD CRS RC
HC-1425-02 VALVE, BALL
N-2026-03-S SWIVEL, JIC 37 DEG
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Pkg. 1 Weight 106 lbs.
Pkg. 1 Dimensions 37 in. x 25 in. x 29 in.
Pkg. 1 Type Carton
Freight Class 70
Freight NMFC 62120
Schedule B 8414.80.9000
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