GoVets Net 30 Credit Line - Credit Application

Business and Government customers must fill out the Credit Application to be authorized to pay using a Purchase Order during Checkout on GoVets.  


  • Individual applying on behalf of the Organization must be an Officer or a Sr. Level Manager that is authorized to submit / sign the application on behalf of the company.
  • You must have a valid Website with information about your organization.
  • Applications cannot include E-Mail addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or other free E-Mail services.
  • E-Mail address used for your application must be your Company's E-Mail Address.
  • Your organization must be located in the United States.
  • Your Trade / Credit References and must be organizations that have approved Credit Terms for your organization within the last 2 years. 
    • At least 2 References must be Active Business relationships. 
    • You must not have any invoices that extend beyond 30 days with any of your trade references. 
    • 1 Credit Reference must be your current bank.


  • A Credit Approval Decision can take 3-5 Business days.  For businesses that require a faster approval, we recommend applying for Credit with Fundbox.
  • We often recommend making your first purchase using an accepted form of payment while we review your Credit Application.  We may ask you for additional information during the application process.


  • Once you are approved, we will notify you about your business credit with GoVets, including your Line of Credit amount, and your terms (if different from our standard Net 30 Terms).  
  • Once you are approved, please login to your GoVets when shopping and making your purchases and then select the Payment Method "GoVets Net 30 Credit Line" on the Checkout page.