HP Touchpoint Manager Basic - Subscription license H8F11ATE

Brand: HP
Part #: H8F11ATE
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HP Touchpoint Manager Basic - Subscription license (3 years) - 1 user - promo - electronic - Win, Android, iOS H8F11ATE
Remote Find Device. HP Touchpoint Manager can attempt to locate a missing managed mobile device, notebook or desktop computer on a map. Hard Disk Health Monitor & Notify. HP Touchpoint Manager will monitor the hard disk and notify the IT admin if a hard drive on a managed notebook or desktop needs to be replaced due to disk errors or if the hard drive is too full. Virus protection. HP Touchpoint Manager will detect whether anti-virus software has been installed on the system. If not, it will automatically install Microsoft Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials, and then enable the software and ensure it remains enabled. Mobile Device Security Policy. HP Touchpoint Manager will enable the IT admin to apply a low, medium or high level of security that will configure settings for PIN/passcode length and complexity, screen lock timeout values, and more. A powerful, easy-to-use tool. From a single, simple-to-understand dashboard with real-time insights and alerts, quickly and easily track PC and mobile device health and get a head start on troubleshooting. Firewall Policy. HP Touchpoint Manager will monitor and enable the Microsoft Windows firewall service on computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Proactive Alerts - Detect Problems & Notify. Alerts are triggered when problems are detected in the status of anti-virus software, hard disk health, battery health, and firewall protection. Increase productivity by minimizing downtime. With HP Touchpoint Manager, IT gains insights and tools to detect and troubleshoot problems before they occur. Remote lock - desktop & mobile device security. The lock feature will enable the IT admin to perform a screen lock (PIN block) or Windows logoff of a managed device if it is reported lost or stolen. Smart Battery Health Monitor. HP Touchpoint Manager will notify the IT admin if a managed Microsoft Windows computer needs a replacement battery. Remote Data Erase. HP Touchpoint Manager can be used by an IT admin to remotely erase data on a managed mobile device, notebook or desktop. Local password reset for managed devices. This service will enable an end user to reset a forgotten password on managed Microsoft Windows devices such as notebooks and desktops.


  • Brand Name: HP
  • Manufacturer: HP INC.
  • Number of Users: True
  • Product Line: HP Touchpoint Manager
  • Product Type: Internet Security Suites

Additional Information

  • Country of Origin: XX
  • UNSPSC Code: 43233203
  • UNSPSC Commodity: Network security or virtual private network VPN management software
  • Green: No
  • Recycled Content: FALSE
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