Shelf Divider 12inx9inx12in Steel PK12

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Brand: Hallowell
Part #: 5240-1209-12HG
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Shelf Divider 12inx9inx12in Steel PK12
Buy Hallowell item #5240-1209-12HG ✯ Made in the USA ✯ and sold by a Veteran-Owned Business.

Technical Specifications

  • Shelving Accessory Sub-Category Accessory
  • Item Divider
  • Overall Width 12 in
  • Overall Depth 12 in
  • Overall Height 9 in
  • Material Steel
  • Gauge 20
  • Color Dark Gray
  • Finish - Shelving and Racks Powder Coated
  • Shelf Style Solid
  • For Use With 1BFL8, 1BGL2, 1BGL5, 1BLH9, 1BLJ6, 1BLK1, 1BGL8, 1BHL2, 1BHL5, 1BLK4, 1BLK8, 1BLL5, 1BKL7, 1BLA1, 1BLA4, 1BLT4, 1BLT7, 1BLU1, 1BLA7, 1BLB1, 1BLB4, 1BLU4, 1BLU7, 1BLV1, 1BLD7, 1BLE1, 1BLE4, 1BLX4, 1BLX7, 1BLY1, 1BLE7, 1BLF1, 1BLF4, 1BLY4, 1BLY7, 1BLZ1, 1BHL8, 1BJL1, 1BJL4, 1BLN2, 1BLN8, 1BLP5, 1BJL7, 1BKL1, 1BKL4, 1BLR2, 1BLR7, 1BLT1, 1BLB7, 1BLC1, 1BLC4, 1BLV4, 1BLV7, 1BLW1, 1BLC7, 1BLD1, 1BLD4, 1BLW4, 1BLW7, 1BLX1, 1BLF7, 1BLG1, 1BLG4, 1BLZ4, 1BLZ7, 1BML1, 1BLG7, 1BLH1, 1BLH4, 1BML4, 1BML7, 1BNL1, 1BLK7, 1BLL4, 1BLN1, 1BLN7, 1BLP4, 1BLR1, 39K739, 39K745, 39K751, 39K793, 39K799, 39K806, 39K742, 39K748, 39K754, 39K796, 39K803, 39K809, 39K757, 39K763, 39K769, 39K812, 39K818, 39K824, 39K760, 39K766, 39K772, 39K815, 39K821, 39K827, 39K775, 39K781, 39K787, 39K830, 39K836, 39K842, 39K778, 39K784, 39K790, 39K833, 39K839, 39K845
  • Includes (12) Dividers, Fasteners
  • Green Environmental Attribute Product Contains a Minimum of 30% Post-Consumer Recycled Content
  • Green Certification or Other Recognition GREENGUARD(R) Certified

Manufacturer Details

  • Manufacturer: Hallowell
  • Condensed Mfg Number: 5240120912HG
  • MPN: 5240-1209-12HG

Label Details

  • Hazardous Material: N
  • Green Material Flag: Y
  • TAA Compliant: Y
  • Country of Origin: US
  • CA Prop 65 Wht Label: N

Shipping Details

  • Ship Weight: 14.75

Classification Details

  • GDS Category Name: Metal Shelving Dividers
  • GDS Family Name: Shelving and Storage Racks
  • GDS Segment Name: Material Handling
  • UNSPSC: 24112406
  • UNSPSC Class ID: 24
  • UNSPSC Commodity Name: Storage chests and cabinets and trunks
  • UNSPSC Commodity ID: 06
  • UNSPSC Commodity Name: Box or shelf partitions
  • UNSPSC Family ID: 11
  • UNSPSC Family Name: Containers and storage
  • UNSPSC Segment ID: 24
  • UNSPSC Segment Name: Material Handling and Conditioning and Storage Machinery and their Accessories and Supplies

Shipping Details

  • Not For Sale In: HI AK PR
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Manufacturer Part Number 5240-1209-12HG
Condition New
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