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Lexo Enterprise LLC (DBA Green Glove Cleaning Service) is the Manufacture of Green Glove Cleaning Products.

When it comes to green cleaning, it’s important to find products you can trust. With so many companies greenwashing their cleaning products by printing their labels with leafy logos and environmental manifestoes, yet all the while filling them with the same toxic chemicals they’ve always had, it’s good to find sprays and scrubs and washes that are truly eco-friendly. Green Glove Cleaning believes that environmentally friendly cleaning products should ideally be biodegradable, phosphate-free, non-toxic for humans and pets, and free of fumes, so we subject all the cleaners we sell to the same rigorous filter we apply to the rest of the green products we carry.

Because good environmental air quality is one of the major goals of the green movement, Green Glove Cleaning carries a number of products to keep your indoor air clean, fresh and free of allergens. We have products to deter and remove mold and mildew, and several products of non-toxic allergy sensitive cleaners and sprays. And none of the green cleaning products we carry generate toxic fumes.

We also have a number of safe alternatives to traditional caustic and dangerous industrial cleaning solutions; everything from drain opener that uses bacterial digestants instead of chemical acids to dissolve even the most vicious clogs to a zero-VOC concrete sealer remover made only of acidic salts. You might be surprised at how powerful safe, natural ingredients can be when it comes to getting a tough cleaning job done.

A number of biodegradables, phosphate-free laundry products from our suppliers helps round out our selection, as do our various food washes, car care options, non-toxic (for humans and pets, anyway) pest control solutions, and last but not least, our own house brand of Green Glove Cleaning products for all parts of your home and office. If you take a few minutes to browse through our vast selection of environmentally friendly cleaning products, you’re sure to find something that can help you keep your home clean, safe and kind to the environment today.

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