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GoVets offers Americans More Value than any other Marketplace

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This blog is intended to provide value to our community by identifying GoVets items that are cheaper than   GoVets offers Americans more value than any other Marketplace.  Part of the value is the savings that our marketplace offers over mainstream marketplaces, such as Amazon.  The following blog items provide a Side-by-Side comparison between GoVets and the equivalent product offered on Amazon, including the monetary savings that GoVets buyers receive by buying on GoVets.  These are just examples of the hundreds of thousands of GoVets products that offer savings over Amazon without any special coupons or promotions.  These savings build upon the overall value that our shoppers get when shopping on  Give your Support to Veterans!
The following item is 43% cheaper on GoVets than on Amazon.    Ability One - Nylon Abrasive -  11-1/6 L 9 W Nylon Mar PK10 MPN:...