Air Hose 3/4 ID x 450 ft L Blue MPN:20470081

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Brand: Continental
Part #: 20470081
Air Hose 3/4 ID x 450 ft L Blue
These bulk air hoses have a tube and cover that are made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which provides moderate resistance to oils and resists cracking and delamination when exposed to cold temperatures. These hoses are lightweight and flexible, which minimizes the effort it takes to lift or move the hose. Their TPE cover will not mark surfaces it comes in contact with and has low drag resistance, which minimizes the effort it takes to maneuver the hoses on surfaces. These hoses are used for carrying compressed air to pneumatic tools and equipment in construction and manufacturing applications.

Bulk air hoses are used to create custom hose assemblies for carrying compressed air to pneumatic tools and equipment. They can be cut to the desired length and compatible hose fittings can be added on the ends of the hoses to connect them to tools and equipment. These flexible air hoses accept fittings that are installed with crimps, ferrules, or clamps. The hoses are uncoiled and can be stored on a reel to keep them out of the way when not in use. Air hoses are also sometimes known as pneumatic hoses or air compressor hoses.

Technical Specifications

  • Item Air Hose
  • Hose Inside Dia. 3/4 in
  • Hose Length 450 ft
  • Hose Color Blue
  • Hose Tube Material TPE
  • Hose Cover Material TPE
  • Max. Working Pressure @ 70 F 300 psi
  • Temp. Range -40 Degrees to 158 Degrees F
  • Standards RMA Class B
  • Safety Factor 4:1
  • Hose Configuration Bulk Hose
  • Not Recommended Chemicals Acetic Acid (Glacial), Acetic Acid 20%, Acetic Acid 80%, Acetone, Ammonia (Liquids), Ammonium Hydroxide, Anhydrous Ammonia, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Beverage, Calcium Chloride, Carbon Dioxide, Cyclohexane, Diesel Fuel, Dry Food, Ethyl Acetate, Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Glycerin, Heptane, Hexane, Hydraulic Fluid (Petroleum), Hydraulic Fluid (Synthetic), Hydrofluoric Acid (20%), Hydrofluoric Acid (75%), Hydrofluoric Acid 100%, Hydrogen Peroxide, Kerosene, Liquid Propane, LP Gas, Methyl Chloride, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Naphtha, Natural Gas, Nitric Acid (10% Solution), Nitric Acid (20% Solution), Nitric Acid (50% Solution), Nitric Acid (Concentrated Solution), Oxygen, Parrafins (Wax), Phosphoric Acid (40% Solution), Potassium Hydroxide (50%), Refrigerant R-12, Refrigerant R-134a, Refrigerant R-22, Refrigerant R-404A, Refrigerant R-407C, Refrigerant R-502, Sodium Hypochlorite/Bleach (to 20%), Steam, Sulfuric Acid (10% - 75%), Sulfuric Acid (75% - 100%), Toluene, Trichlorethylene (50%), Turpentine, Xylene

Manufacturer Details

  • Manufacturer: Continental
  • Condensed Mfg Number: 20470081
  • MPN: 20470081

Label Details

  • Hazardous Material: N
  • Green Material Flag: N
  • COO Name: United States
  • Country of Origin: US
  • CA Prop 65 Wht Label: N

Shipping Details

  • Ship Weight: 117.00

Classification Details

  • Harmonization Code: 3917390050
  • GDS Category Name: Bulk Air Hose
  • GDS Family Name: Pneumatic Hoses
  • GDS Segment Name: Pneumatics
  • UNSPSC: 40142002
  • UNSPSC Class ID: 20
  • UNSPSC Commodity Name: Hoses
  • UNSPSC Commodity ID: 02
  • UNSPSC Commodity Name: Air hoses
  • UNSPSC Family ID: 14
  • UNSPSC Family Name: Fluid and gas distribution
  • UNSPSC Segment ID: 40
  • UNSPSC Segment Name: Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components

Shipping Details

  • Not For Sale In: HI AK PR
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