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New York County Shared Services Solution

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Veratics, Inc.
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New York Shared Services Solution Available Today

As a New York State County, you have a unique opportunity to procure a ready-made shared services solution from a certified NY State Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business that does not require additional development, eliminates risk, and guarantees timely delivery.

Veratics’ Shared Services solution is operational in TWO Major New York Counties and is the ONLY solution that can be ready for use in YOUR COUNTY within FORTY-FIVE DAYS.



The State and Counties of New York have a tremendous commitment under the Shared Services Property Tax Savings Plan Law, enacted by Governor Cuomo, to provide best-value shared service outcomes while reducing tax burdens to the citizens. Providing timely access to services and enhancing inter-municipal cooperation requires digital transformation, automation, and enhanced communications. Through trusted government-to-government (G-2-G) and business-to-government (B-2-G) integrated web architectures, your County will benefit from a powerful and comprehensive shared services program, delivering significant tax payer savings. Integral to the positive outcomes of a Country-Wide Shared Services Portal is building upon a shared services value foundation that promotes the following: leadership and transparency, trust and reciprocity, clear goals, communications, and measurable results. 


Veratics’ Shared Services Virtual Marketplace Content Management System provides an integrated and modular platform that is scalable and extensible. Our system provides a core set of capabilities that can be enhanced in the future as future demands are identified for your Shared Services Portal implementation. Our modern interface with a dynamic database engine, security protocols, and advanced multi-access administration ensures safe and easy management through an efficient catalog, integrated scheduling, integrated service offerings, input and export capabilities, efficient coordination between government entities, and the latest version of  “Elasticsearch” search engine features. Further, extensibility through metadata tagging has produced a highly organized, adaptable, and easy-to-use interface, as well as tailored analytical forecasting tools and reports.  Veratics’ integrated framework design provides a superior environment to efficiently communicate between multiple vendors, giver/receiver, inventory, pricing, availability, and demand, thus enabling an efficient eCommerce supply chain structure that is critical to ensuring Westchester Saves Online Shared Services Portal’s success.


Governor Cuomo’s Shared Services Initiative (SSI) implementation will be realized through tailoring a proven SSI framework. Our unique solution leverages our experience developing and supporting Shared Services solutions for Suffolk County for their SuffolkShare Virtual Marketplace Portal and the Westchester Saves Online Shared Services Portal.  Our solution provides a robust, integrated eCommerce like shopping capability to coordinate the selling and purchasing of services and products through highly organized categories and powerful search features. In addition, Veratics Shared Services solution is highly integrated to enable collaboration and contracting efficiency across the county.  Our solution is ready to be deployed locally or in the cloud and simply requires a re-skin (UI change to reflect your specific County input).  Our solution incorporates the lessons learned and the final set of realistic requirements that were possible for a system that will be used by over 100 government entities within a county. The Veratics Shared Services solution provides the lowest cost, lowest risk, and shortest schedule to realizing a Shared Services solution for all New York Counties.  This solution is in use by two of the largest counties in New York State.

We provide a configurable solution without expensive startup costs and our solution is scalable and flexible, keeping your Shared Services solution relevant for many years without rebuilding the framework.

Our solution delivers the best performing system, maximizing automation where possible, and reducing initial and long-term costs, resulting in a best-value Shared Services Portal for your County.

PORTAL Features

Veratics’ Shared Services solution your County’s procurement of a best value, low-risk commercial, Microsoft certified and integrated system that is tailorable, scalable and modular.

Through reuse of a proven system based upon Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and .NET framework, Your County will have a powerful integrated core system that is extensible, responsive across mobile and various operating systems, scalable, and flexible that connects data and people together efficiently and with elegance. In comparison with other CMS technologies regarding security, ease of use, extensibility for growth, and long-term maintenance costs, our system is the ideal platform to guarantee a high level of enduring performance at the best price.  Your county will have the choice of administering, maintaining, and enhancing the Shared Services Portal. You are not locked into a maintenance or support agreement with Veratics, but we do offer Support Services to help you as long as needed based your county's needs.  

Veratics Engage Shared Services Solution

Veratics Shared Services Solution Home Page

1. Virtual Marketplace

As part of our Virtual Marketplace delivery, Veratics will reskin and reconfigure our Shared Services platform as designed and developed for our existing solutions (i.e. Westchester County & Suffolk County).  Our solution is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform which has been customized and reconfigured for municipalities to share contracts and shared services, cooperate to jointly procure new contracts, and facilitate communication.  User groups are comprised of:  Storefront administrators, who are responsible for maintaining store content, products, and budget data, Purchasing Agents, who search for content in the catalog, initiate transactions, and update the transaction workflow, and a Read-only role, which has the ability to search the catalog and initiate a transaction but no other responsibility.

By using Veratics Shared Services solution, your county takes advantage of the many underlying capabilities which have already been developed and are currently in use by two of the largest counties in New York State.  The information architecture of this system has been designed such that users can find content intuitively and easily, while minimizing clicks and achieving an optimized organization that is neither too deep or too horizontal.  Prior to launch, we will work with you to import many services and products within the virtual marketplace.  This activity will provide a set of templates that make it easy to clone new offerings without starting from scratch, ensuring content and style are consistent and thorough.  The following additional features are provided within the virtual marketplace:

1.1 Shared Service Offerings

Member organizations have the ability to create Shared Service offerings on our platform, which are then searchable and displayed in the offering catalog.  Each Shared Service offering in the catalog can display details of the service such as Contact Information, Availability Dates, Pricing Information, Images, as well as any Associated Documentation.  Members requesting the service will have the ability to request the service through the platform and send any supporting documentation or invoices to the providing member through the transaction record.

Veratics Shared Services Offerings

Shared Services Offerings

1.2 Catalog Offering Searching and Browsing

Veratics Shared Services uses Elasticsearch for quickly and efficiently searching across all types of catalog offerings with a simple, intuitive search interface.  This approach gives users the ability to search across multiple fields associated with each record including name of the service, category, product code, or any associated Microsoft Office or PDF documents. 

A document search capability gives user’s the power to search not only the meta data associated with a catalog offering, but also any associated supporting documentation.  Search results can then be sorted by name, pricing information, or relevancy to the search criteria to ensure users will find the offerings that most suit their needs.  Filters for Contracts and Service categories can be applied to further enhance the search results returned to the user.

Shared Services Search

Searching and Browsing

1.3 Commodity Contract Catalog Linking

Contractual offerings on the marketplace behave in the same way as Shared Services.  This feature provides a familiar workflow for both Contract and Shared Service offerings and purchasing.  Member organizations have the option of uploading contractual documentation which may cover many different products in one catalog location.  These documents will then be searchable within the catalog such that Purchasing Agents can find multiple sources for a commodity by entering descriptions, part numbers, or vendor information into the search criteria.  Purchasing Agents also have the ability to add multiple line items to a single transaction record for a given contract which will be viewable by both the contract originator and the purchaser for financial visibility.

Veratics Shared Services Commodity Catalog Item

Commodity Catalog Item

1.4 Transaction Records

Veratics’ Shared Services framework create a transaction record for each purchase initiated on the platform.  Some contracts may offer more than one commodity, so Purchasing Agents can add multiple line items to a single transaction.  Each line item of the transaction records the commercial price of the item, original contracted price, and the final price paid for tracking multiple financial metrics.  All financial transactions occur externally to the platform, thus allowing entities to use their current purchasing guidelines and systems to complete each purchase.

Veratics Transaction Records

Transaction Records

When the Transaction Record is created, it is automatically generated with all supporting information from the catalog offering such as commercial price, contracted price, and buyer and seller information.  Transaction Records allow updates from both the buyer and seller perspective.  Buyers are able to enter their own customer Purchase Order number for each transaction record and both entities can upload any supporting documentation such as purchase orders or invoices.  In addition, each entity can add notes to the purchase order to facilitate communication.

1.5 Ratings and Feedback

Veratics’ Shared Services platform provides a ratings and review feedback mechanism such that buyers can rate any Service or Contract catalog offerings.  These will then be viewable to other Purchasing Agents as well as the Offering municipalities.

Write a Review

Veratics Shared Services - Write a Review

1.6 Commodity Contract Purchasing

Purchasing Agents have the flexibility to update all financial information associated with a transaction record.  If the quantity or price of a particular commodity changes during purchasing workflow, the final price and quantity can be recorded on the transaction record.

1.7 Transaction Workflow

The current status of a transaction is displayed to both the buyer and seller of the transaction in both the list view and the transaction details view.  The statuses available for each Transaction Record can be configured to best suit the needs of your country's workflow.  The Record Management dashboard has filters available so users can easily find Transactions in a particular state.  Emails are sent to both buyer and seller when a transaction is initiated and reminder emails are sent if the status has not been updated within an amount of time configurable within the system.

2. Contracts and Licensing

Veratics’ Shared Services platform allows users to easily create offerings within the catalog using our bulk upload functionality.  This gives the user the ability to create Shared Services and Contracts with multiple documents and images at once with a user-friendly, intuitive interface using an excel spreadsheet.  The documents and other metadata associated with these items will then be searchable within the catalog.

3. Shared Services

Users manage Shared Services in the same way that they manage Contracts.  This gives users a familiar interface with no differences in workflow between the two offerings.  The Shared Services have the same set of required and optional fields to keep a familiar look and feel to both purchasing agents and buyers.

4. Spotlight

The Spotlight section allows administrators to easily publish articles such as news, best practices, success stories, and updates to the user base.  These items can also be configured for public visibility or private visibility that is exclusive to members of the Shared Services Portal.  In the same manner, users can submit articles or ideas to the site administrators so they can be published within the Spotlight section.  Content can be directly published to the portal or routed through a workflow with an approval system.  Spotlight supports publishing text, images, videos, and html content through an intuitive, web-based user interface. A spotlight news feed is available on the home page to keeps the users up to date on the latest published content. Additionally, an RSS feed is also available for members.

Shared Services Spotlight

Veratics Shared Services – Spotlight

5. Municipal Forums

Our Municipal Forum gives users the ability to post questions and comments to other users of the Shared Services Portal and facilitates communication across the county.  Topics within the forum offer notification services such as email subscriptions and RSS feeds.

Municipal Forms

Veratics - Municipal Forums

6. Shared Services Online Score Toolkit

Veratics’ Shared Services platform gives users the ability to upload and maintain historical and future budget data associated for particular commodities, vendors, and departments.  This additional benefit gives members the flexibility to track their financial data according to their own needs.  The data is housed alongside transaction records in the database so trends and analysis can be extracted in order to develop cost saving solutions.  Each member organization can import and export their data within an excel spreadsheet for easy maintenance and portability.  Budget Data is only accessible to the providing organization’s store administrator and is not shared across participants.

7. Cooperative Procurement On-line Solicitation Functionality

As the third top-level category of the application, Cooperative Procurements inherit all the functionality of Shared Services and Contracts such as the manage dashboard, catalog availability, and document search functionality.  Veratics worked closely with our stakeholders in order to define a set of data fields for Joint Procurements, which gives users a concise definition of the commodity or service being requested, a deadline for responses, the effective contract date, and the amount of goods or services needed.  This capability further allows other members to express their interest in the procurement and give feedback to the originating member.  The platform facilitates this communication and allows all interested members to work together to form an RFP that leverages the power of joint purchasing.  Once a contract has been awarded, it can then be uploaded to the platform in the same manner as existing contracts.

8. Transparency and Reporting

Our core system houses all data in a single, secure, relational database.  This allows easy access to an array of data visualization tools. Some Counties use their own data visualization and analytics tool to give their users a familiar platform for data analysis.  Because the data is housed in a single relational database, complex queries can be formed to show spending trends, cost savings, membership engagement, and purchasing goals.

9. Integration with Existing County Databases & GIS Infrastructure

Veratics’ Shared Services platform gives users the ability to import, export, and manage all products and budget information using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or CSV formats.  These capabilities give store administrators the power to quickly and efficiently create new or edit existing catalog offerings and our solution further enables integration with existing county databases and GI infrastructure.

10. Additional Capabilities

Veratics Shared Services offers significantly more functionality that will benefit your County's Shared Services Solution at no additional charge, including:

  • Self-registration system allowing members to easily register on the portal and request their given role for their member organization. Platform administrators can review and approve requests and an account activation email is sent to the user.
  • System administration dashboard to view and update information associated with accounts, users, stores, products, and sales. This dashboard also gives them the ability to update system settings, manage scheduled tasks, and view API documentation.
  • Store administrators have the capability to configure their own store landing page and upload images and any information about their municipality.
  • Platform is hosted on a framework that gives administrators the flexibility to add and maintain web pages and allows for expanding functionality as a multitude of plugins are available to extend your Shared Services capabilities and offerings.
  • Bulk import process does not require images to be located on the administrator’s local file store and can remotely download any associated images as long as the hosting container has access to the web-based storage location specified in the import file.
  • Three top-level categories: Contracted Items, Shared Services, and Joint Procurements.  Each category can have multiple sub-category trees.
  • Contracted Items and Shared Services each have an effective start and end date, allowing the catalog to automatically show / hide offerings in the catalog and allowing store administrators to focus on new content rather than cleaning up expired items.
  • Veratics delivers the entire source code of the solution, giving your county the ability to update and potentially add additional capabilities in the future.

11. User Guide

Our solution includes a comprehensive user guide that covers catalog searching and browsing, storefront content administration, catalog item management, and transaction record management.  A system administration guide also details application deployment, configuration settings, and data management.  Veratics will modify this guide accordingly for your solution.

12. Pricing

County-Wide Shared Services pricing starts at $50,000 based on County Population Size. Pricing includes cloud or locally hosted options and includes 3 months of support following delivery of the solution.  Additional support is available as need based your County’s needs. 


As a New York State County, you have a unique opportunity to procure a proven, affordable, and production-ready Shared Services solution from a certified NY State Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business.  Veratics’ Shared Services solution eliminates risk, guarantees timely delivery, and can be made available in a cloud or local instance model within forty-five (45) days.   

Based on our experience working on both large government and commercial programs, Veratics is uniquely qualified to execute this future contract, in support of your County’s performance objectives


Veratics is a leading provider of intelligent enterprise content management systems, spanning shared services solutions to e-commerce systems.

Veratics owns and operates GoVets (https://www.govets.com), the largest online marketplace for veteran owned businesses to sell products and services to government agencies, commercial enterprises, and patriotic citizens. GoVets has over five million products across thousands of brands supporting a community of hundreds of veteran-owned businesses. To learn more, please visit: http://www.veratics.com.


Please contact Veratics, Inc (717-514-8973, brian.hare@veratics.com) for further requirements questions in support of your important project.





Veratics Shared Services - Production Ready Shared Services Solution (New_York_Shared_Services_-_Production_Ready_Solution_-_August_2019.pdf, 963 Kb) [Download]

New York County Shared Services Solution

Product Price: $50,000.00

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