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Automated failover. Double-Take Availability provides high-availability failover of servers to ensure users remain online in case of a failure. For customer-facing systems, it ensures that customer satisfaction remains high and sales are not impacted. One-to-many replication. To ensure all nodes in a cluster can allow failover from any other member node it is crucial that the data is available on all nodes. Double-Take Availability lets each cluster member replicate data to any or all members of the cluster, ensuring that the data is available and current in an outage. Block checksum re-mirror. Should a disconnect occur between the source and target, instead of doing a complete mirror of the entire replication set, Double-Take Availability can perform a block- checksum re-mirror. This re-mirror replicates the file differences between the source and target, which takes much less time and resources to accomplish, ensuring that the target is coordinated with the source. Streamlined management console. The simplicity of navigating Double-Take Availability lends itself to the proficient and extended use in your environment, reducing overall cost-of-ownership and improving ROI. Double-Take Availability provides an interface that is easy to use, ensuring you can easily protect your data. The Double-Take Availability UI automatically discovers servers running Double-Take Availability and displays them in a single window. Intelligent compression. Double-Take Availability is the only host-based replication solution that provides multilevel intelligent compression. Double-Take Availability provides four options for data compression that can be individually configured for each replication set defined within Double-Take Availability, allowing even further customization by server, data, and network. Unlimited distance replication Double-Take. Availability uses standard IP networks so there are no distance limitations. The ability to replicate over long distances lends itself to numerous uses that short distance products cannot accomplish. Solutions such as centralized backup are possible and practical regardless of geographic separations. Double-Take Availability also offers protection against regional failures, replicating data across the country or across the globe to ensure the data is always available if needed. Open-file mirroring and replication. Applications do not need to be restarted when additional files and/or directories are configured for replication. Users, customers and applications remain online and active while Double-Take Availability is at work. Double-Take Availability can process open files and ensure they are fully replicated without taking the files offline. Many-to-one failover. Double-Take Availability can be configured so that a single target server is used for numerous source servers, reducing the total cost of ownership. Single target configuration also helps facilitate centralized backup since many local or remote servers can be backed up from a single server, further lowering costs by reducing the number of backup licenses needed. Email alerts. Double-Take Availability provides event notifications via email for immediate awareness of possible breaks in service levels. Email alerts can be configured with recipients for each server, each having its own event notification level. The email message includes useful information in the subject line, including server name where the event occurred, the error level and code. Administrators can easily manage events via email clients by sorting or filtering by these events, then choosing which ones require attention. Failback/restore. Should a failure occur, Double-Take Availability can restore data from the target back to the original source or to an alternate location. Through the Double-Take Availability UI, you can restore data from the replicated disk back to the production disk once the failure is corrected, greatly reducing the time to recover and restore and ensuring that you recover from the time the failure occurred, not from when the last backup was taken. Unlike other solutions that make you remember which files came from what location, the Double-Take Availability restore process automatically reverses the direction of your original replication job. Uses existing networks. You do not need a private network for replicating data. Usually existing networks are more than sufficient, letting you implement lower-cost data replication and protection solutions, reducing the overall cost of ownership and removing any restrictions and additional costs for future network changes or purchases. Double-Take Availability can be run on its own private network should you want to isolate replication traffic. Automatic re-mirror. Should a problem or scheduled maintenance require that the connection between the source and target be broken, Double-Take Availability will re-establish its connection when possible and will automatically re-mirror the source to the target, ensuring it remains in sync with the source. Reports and statistics. Double-Take Availability provides reports and statistics about your replication environment that let you know what is happening on a Double-Take Availability server, all from a single interface. Reports include information such as what was last replicated how much has been replicated, failovers, downed systems, and other useful statistics for ensuring adequate data protection. Bandwidth throttling. User-defined controls within Double-Take Availability can limit the amount of available network bandwidth it can use for data replication. This allows replication to occur real-time without affecting users on the same network. And, since Double-Take Availability can queue data for transmission, all changes are updated to the target and not lost due to network limits. Double-Take Availability lets you define the actual type of network connection being used and then define the amount that can be used for replication. Double-Take Availability will not go beyond that limit, regardless of the amount of data it has to transfer. Double-Take Availability lets you limit network use during busy work hours and increase or remove limits during non-peak hours.


  • Manufacturer: CARBONITE INC
  • Product Line: Double-Take
  • Product Type: Backup Software Product Key & Box
  • Quantity: 1

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  • Country of Origin: US
  • UNSPSC Code: 43233415
  • UNSPSC Commodity: Backup or archival software
  • Green: No
  • Recycled Content: FALSE
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