Net 30 Terms Credit Application

Local, State and Federal Government Entities, Academic Institutions & Non-Profit Organizations that want to open a Net 30 Terms account with GoVets MUST fill out the Net 30 Terms Credit Application. 


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  • Individual applying on behalf of the Organization must be an Officer or a Sr. Level Manager that is authorized to submit / sign the application on behalf of the company.
  • Organization must have a valid Website with information about the Organization and personnel.
  • Applications cannot include E-Mail addresses from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or other free E-Mail services.
  • E-Mail address used for the Applicant must include the Org name within the Domain. 
    • Example: Application from City of Springfield must have an E-Mail that is similar to 
  • Organization must be located in the United States.
  • Organization must be in business for at least 2 years.
  • Organization must have 3 viable and positive Credit References and must be organizations that have approved Credit Terms for the Applicant within the last 2 years.  At least 2 References must be Active Business relationships with the Applicant.  Applicant must not have any invoices that extend beyond 30 days with any of the references.  1 Credit Reference should be the Applicant's current bank.

For additional questions, please Submit a Ticket to GoVets Support.


Corporate Information

Billing Address

Shipping Address

Bank Information

Credit/Trade References (3 Required)

D&B or Equivalent Business Credit Report (Attach)

Submitting your D&B report is not required but can expedite your credit approval.

Click Here to find out more about getting your D&B Credit Report

Credit Policy and Disclosures for NET30 Account

All bills are due and payable, in full, thirty days after date on invoice. A finance charge will be imposed on any amount thirty days or more past due at a periodic rate of 1.75% per month. (annual percentage rate 21%) This rate is based on your past due balance at the end of each billing period. Please note: Orders placed on past due accounts will be held until account is current or may be sent COD at your request. No returns on orders unless prior written approval by SPS Industrial, Inc. If your account is turned over to a collection agency or attorney for collection, or in the event of default, all collection, legal expenses and reasonable attorney fees will be paid by the debtor and be processed in and according to the laws of the State of Florida.

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