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  1. GoVets Reaches 5K Reviews on TrustPilot with 4.8/5 Rating!

    GoVets Reaches 5K Reviews on TrustPilot with 4.8/5 Rating!

    We are proud to announce that we have just surpassed 5,000 Reviews on TrustPilot with an amazing rating of 4.8/5.  All reviews are qualified reviews of GoVets customers based on their experience with GoVets.  After an order is complete, customers receive a request to rate us on TrustPilot and provide some feedback about the product they purchased and their experience with GoVets.   We have treated this platform as a means to collect feedback (positive and negative) to help us understand what we're doing well, where we can improve and lessons learned going forward to further enhance our processes, platform, customer service and product offerings.  

    Over the years, this feedback has helped us make some difficult decisions to help us pivot GoVets in the right direction.  While we absolutely love the positive ratings, it's often the negative feedback that is a form of leading indicator or bellwether on areas that we need to address before they become

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  2. GoVets in 30 seconds!

    Shop | Save | Support Veterans

    We wanted to share a quick 30-second overview of GoVets with our customers or anyone that wants "the elevator pitch" about GoVets.  

    Happy viewing!   If you like this, you may also like other videos, such as GoVets Overview and GoVets Tickets and Travel.  


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  3. What is GoVets?

    GoVets Overview

    Many of our Customers ask us several questions about GoVets so we decided to create a brief introductory video for our customers!  

    Check it out. 

    If you have any other questions, please check out our Frequently Asked questions (FAQs), or contact our support team.


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